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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
You know what the world needs more of? Fun, is what.

FUN. Here's some fun stuff:

1.a return to CRAFTS and making ART (if you find that fun). Check these patterns out here at Sublime Stitching Only three bucks per pattern! I don't even know where to start. Don't forget to look at the gallery.

2. The CD Baby Flavors page. They have suggestions for every mood, including: Long Drives/Road trips; Depressed? Stay Depressed; Sick of All Normal Music; Everyday is Halloween; Unrequited Lovesongs; Top Down, Radio On, Summer Rules; Burn! Destroy! Rage!; Music To Play when Life Just Sucks (If this isn't self-explanatory, then go back to your planet.). On the same page there are also suggestions for Types of Music (Hillbilly Party Music; Seedy Circus on the Wrong Side of Town; Beatle Babies, Unashamed; Best Pub Music) and so on. Check it out.

3. I've linked to this before, but it remains fun. They Fight Crime! Just the thing for if you are stuck in a story and don't know where to go. For example, my random example was as follows: He's a benighted native American filmmaker from the Mississippi delta. She's a provocative red-haired doctor married to the Mob. They fight crime! Refresh for more fun

4. shopping! Check out this cool shop. They specialized in independent art & design

5. Flickr Random - pulling from the vast database of public photos, completely at random. Sure you might get some boring ones, but you might stumble on something fantastic. Check it out.

6. extra special fun bonus item: The Human Clock. You've probably already seen it at least once, but look again! They are always getting new pictures, and the guy who runs it is from Portland which makes me happy.
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