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Sunday, August 28, 2005
reach for the sky

This is the first day of the new week -the new week in which I will try to actually do the things I've been meaning to do, which includes updating this blog. So, to get myself caught up, here are a few things that have been on my mind:

LiveWire! - I went to see this on 8/17 because a) it is fun, and b) Thomas Lauderdale and China Forbes of Pink Martini were going to be guests. It was and they were. TL revealed himself to be a History/English major to which my sister and I were all "me too!" (quietly). He went to Harvard (we did not, so we remained quiet, quietly). It was fun to hear him geeking out about what where people chose to go at the end of the Oregon trail meant. There was bonus fun when he inadvertently insulted 9/10ths of the state. He did gamely try to dig himself out, - if that isn't enough for the people of Medford to forgive him, I think the music should be. Marc Acito also made a return performance (I had seen him at the very first LiveWire I ever attended - back in April for Wordstock). This time there was singing from Pippin (!!!) as he celebrated the arrival of his book in paperback. He is very entertaining, and I need to read that book. They also had as a guest documentarian Irene Taylor who is making a sci-fi action thriller (ok, ok, a documentary) about growing up with deaf parents who decided later in life to get cochlear implants. We saw about a 20 minute trailer, and it looks like it will be really good. Her parents were both there. Pink Martini ties into this because they threw a big benefit to help her get enough money to make her movie.

Next up in random catch-up: First 10 Songs Played by my iPod on Random Right After Updating

1. I'm Afraid of Americans - David Bowie: I would be too if Trent Reznor were chasing me around in a menacing (or in fact, any) fashion

2. The Blower's Daughter- Damien Rice: this was the song that I thought I didn't like when it was on rotation on VH1. It was too *something* (earnest? b/w?). Very probably it wasn't a Boy Band or something catchy and shiny. I find I like it much better when Damien Rice is singing directly into my ears. It's still not my favorite song on that CD, but there is something about an Irish hippie singing "I cant take my eyes/mind off of you." Oh! Damn. I just realized that this was the song that they based all of the ad campaigns for the movie Closer around. Well, anyway. [I did not see closer because although I love Clive Owen, Jude Law, and Natalie Portman (and do not despise J. Roberts) it looked like precisely the kind of movie I didn't want to see - so I didn't.]

3. La Misma Cancion - Ozolmatli : this is very jaunty and sounds very much like it could be playing in someone's backyard party. (accordion!)

4. Prophet - Jude : Jude is one of those high-singing guys that I really like. He's a good songwriter, and then his voice just blows me away. This one is bitter (that's his great gift - he has this voice like an angel and sings bitter, bitter, bitter - at least on this album. Or, I should say, at least on this song). He's going to be here in a couple of weeks. If tickets are cheap (and lucky for me but sadly for Jude they probably will be), I should go. I think this is part of his love/hate song cycle for Los Angeles.

5. Ash and Alice - Mary Timony: This is from The Golden Dove, which I liked a lot at first, but now I think it is more of a winter album (is that dumb, or what?) Anyway - I think this one may be taking a hiatus from the old iPod. OK, it is definitely coming off as it has a big space of nothing at the end and then (the part I am sorry to loose) some crazy electric guitar medieval-ish part.

6. California - Phantom Planet - theme song to The OC!!! May it return to its season one glory and may last season with its ill conceived plot "developments" turn out to be a horrible dream. I think it was a combination of moving it to fall (if there was ever a perfect Summer Series, this was it) and the sophmore whattayacallit thingie. BUT, back to the song - this is great for scrunching up your face into a sincere almost but not quite emo shape and bellowing "Califooooooooooornia, here we caaaaaaaaaaaahhooooooooooooooome."

7. Blinuet - Zoot Sims: this is the kind of thing that random is so good at! I got this song from the Rushmore soundtrack. It couldn't be more different from the rest of this list so far, but it is perfect. Wheeee! (I wish my name were cool like Zoot Sims. Or Lefty Frizzell.)

8. Who Loves the Sun - the Velvet Underground - another soundtrack hit. I realize I don't know much about the Velvet Underground at all (except that I'm certain Velvet Revolver is somehow trying to cash in on the name). I do like this song, but have the feeling it is atypical. (how I know that when I couldn't name another one of their songs, I don't know).

9. Somebody to Love - George Michael: with Queen! George gets really into this, which I think is pretty awesome. It was probably just a huge thrill to play with Queen. (No insult intended to Andrew Ridgely or Shirley and Pepsi intended).

10. Don't Go Breakin' My Heart - from Ella Enchanted. Anne Hathaway and Jesse McCartney. She's no Kiki Dee (!!! another name to go along with Zoot and Lefty), but it is a fun version. That whole soundtrack is pretty fun except I think the Kelly Clarkson version of Respect doesn't fit at all.

I am going to go to bed and read the one last short story left in my book and think good thoughts for New Orleans. Category 5 - I can't even imagine.
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