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Friday, June 25, 2010
bright star

so the full moon is TONIGHT, with a partial eclipse right before dawn - at least here in these western united states. Fancy! I think I will be way far asleep when it happens, but I'm looking at the moon out my window right now and kind of squinting and holding a finger in front of it so I can have my eclipse early.

Time has gone wonky again - in this instance I think it's Vacation Effect, where it seems like I was gone for months but it was really only a long weekend. It's good, but disorienting. (I think I'm too oriented most of the time - my location too fixed. Maybe my internal gyroscope is stuck and in order to free it I'll have to circumnavigate the globe by cartwheel or something. I'll be like Ancient Mariner, except instead of reciting my tale of woe I'll have to do minor gymnastics I'm not any good at until the curse is lifted. If only there was another, less irritating way...)

In other news, I've got garden fever! There's so much to do it's easy to make measurable progress. Plus, when it's dark or dinnertime I can leave it all outside. The photo at the top is from sometime in May I think - not from my garden, but so pretty I can hardly stand it.

and now I must go to bed because I'm yawning those obnoxious huge oxygen sucking yawns that make me wish deep sleep was like the deep end of a swimming pool and all I have to do to get there is dive in. Maybe I can, if the full moon keeps its bright light business out of my window.
7 comments on "ancient mariner gyroscope repair"
  1. The photo is fantastic! Beautiful! I understand the vacation disorientation. For me it is as if I never went anywhere yet somehow was gone from this place for a long time. I like/dislike this feeling! Glad you are back! Happy raisins!

  2. I think the vacation disorientation is one of those things that probably goes away the more it is exercised. 3 out of state vacations a year: NO MORE VERTIGO or something like that. Out of country vacations will probably require recalibration.

    thanks for the photo compliments you guys - those flowers are bananas! (uh, not literally bananas. I'm not that far reality-gone yet.)

  3. So now I will have to think of 2 other places to visit this year besides Buffalo...maybe Indianapolis to visit with the sister in-law's family and...maybe Biloxi?

  4. Try Fresno! It's a dry heat and the Sierra Nevada are RIGHT THERE. (by right there I mean an hour away, but you can totally see them.)

    I want to go to the desert - Arizona, New Mexico, etc. I haven't been in a long long time.

  5. Fresno does have a certain ooh la la factor, this is true, but maybe not this year. Maybe I should save that for a 40th birthday blow out!?

  6. I am laughing too hard over the use of "Fresno" and "ooh la la" together in a sentence. Maybe you can travel the land giving advice to chambers of commerce! You could be the Slogan Whisperer!!


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