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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
saddle mountain summit trail

I was in the midst of writing up an epic post about my particular work insanity (not that the work is insane, just that I am sometimes insane doing it), but I'm starting a road trip to California tomorrow and I'd rather think about that. There might be a Crater Lake stop on the way! Although it's still snowy up there, so maybe not.

This is another Fresno visit. YES, that's right: the raisin capital of the world. I'm really excited because I was told I could pack my summer clothes! Word on the street is that outside of The Land of Eternal Moderate Winter (aka: Portland), there is sun! and temperatures above 60! I don't believe it, but I will take some flip flops just in case. I'll try not to use them to win any political arguments, as victory by flip flop beating is not very dignified. (or lasting, in my experience.)

(Now I'm picturing the Land of Eternal Moderate Winter as being ruled over by Tilda Swinton as the Cloud Queen (or Rain Queen) in an awesome costume made of cloud colored cotton candy. As intriguing as this is, I still need to get some sun!)

I'm taking my computer so I may make a blog post or two from the road - it depends on how it all shakes out. I've been working really hard for the past little bit and I'm looking forward to not thinking about anything but what to read next and what to listen to in the car.

I hope that the sun cures: 1) summertime blues 2) sore throat 3) lopsided farmer's tan

updates as warranted/able!

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