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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

FACT: today was the junior Rose Festival parade
FACT: the library I'm working at this week (sentimental favorite AND near my house) was in the middle of the parade route.
FACT: work is kicking my butt this week.

QUERY: Mean patrons, WHY SO MEAN? I'm only trying to help, I swear.
GENERAL ADVICE: if you think of some easy "witty" joke about a person or situation, stop and consider if the recipient of your intended bon mot has maybe already heard it TEN MILLION TIMES. If it passes this extremely low bar, by all means have at it. If not, kindly shut your pie hole.

FACT: I took my lunch outside and watched part of the parade.
FACT: Highlight for me - Middle school marching bands! Most interesting song choices: 867-5309 Jenny, the Austin Powers theme, and a song to be revealed in a later post.
FACT: This parade is for kids, by kids more or less.
FACT: It is cheesy and charming.
FACT: The entry that the kids near me were LOSING THEIR MINDS over was comprised of two llamas decked out in flowers. "the llamas! THE LLAMAS!!!! THE LLAMAS ARE COMING!!!!!!" (imagine that in high pitched 6 y.o. girl screams. it was awesome. the llamas couldn't have cared less.) It was kind of what I imagine a Miley Cyrus concert sounds like.

PHOTO FACT: these peacocks were not in the parade! But I thought peacocks and llamas sort of go together in the 'exotic but not really' animal category.

FACT: one more day, then days off.
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