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Thursday, June 24, 2010
hello, foxy

today felt like summer vacation even though I just got back from a summer vacation-type trip. I can't even tell you how wonderful this feeling is - time is big and full, yet has plenty of empty spots to fill in with whatever. (Today's whatever included planting things.) This feeling is so ephemeral - I know it could be gone tomorrow - but I think the uncertainty is part of what makes it so sweet right now. (RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW: this is what I try to remember every time I start to obsess about potential future disasters. I used to think thinking about them was so smart (I would be prepared!), but I know better now, even if I don't always remember that I know better.)

Anyway - here is a random list of three awesome things discovered or appreciated TODAY:

1) Flickr is rolling out their new page design and I love it.

2) Scott Pilgrim avatar creator!

3) HOLLYHOCKS! It's too early for them in Portland (at least in my garden), but in Fresno they were 12 feet tall - it was very surreal and Alice in Wonderland-like to walk between them. I collected a bunch of seeds and can't wait to see what they do here. In the meantime, I have foxglove towering over my head.
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