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Monday, June 07, 2010
FIRST THING FIRST: but you know, weeks later - I love this Janelle Monae video! It's so like a dream with the strange happenings, hallways, extraordinary locomotion, people appearing/ disappearing, striped shoes, dancing nurse, and mirror-faced mysteries. However, the dream-time clincher (in my humble opinion) is walking through walls and appearing in a totally new but hyper-real environment. None of which conveys how much fun it is to watch - it makes me so happy. I'm pretty sure I first saw this on fluxtumblr a couple of weeks ago; I'm positive I've watched it a bunch of times.


night garden update: I still want one. I took the garbage out at 11:11 pm (forgot! again!) and wandered past some roses and they just smell so lovely. I know it sounds weird, but they do smell different at night. Wonderful portland summer garden times have yet to come, since it's not even 60 degrees and has only not-rained twice in the past month, but… maybe one day. Night gardens traditionally have white/pink/light colored flowers, which traditionally are more fragrant, so that's what I want in my imaginary night garden. I guess I need a bench or something too. It's like a completely different world, even though it's the same old stuff as the day garden. If this were an 80s sitcom we would all have a special moment here at the end of our show about night gardens where Alex P. Keaton or a Cosby kid or one of the girls from the Facts of Life realizes that we are all extraordinary given the right setting. Bill Cosby would then appear in a PSA after the Very Special Episode to remind us that the best kind of night garden experience is one where you're high on life and transported by natural beauty and not the kind where you're hallucinating unicorns because you've been eating the datura or other vespertine.

life in the stacks update: The other day a woman and her 4 or 5 year old son came into the library to pick up some holds. I told her where they were (he had already raced ahead), and she told me that they were fairly new to the library and that her son was SO EXCITED to place holds, and was SO GODDAMNED EXCITED when he found out that his book was in and waiting for him - he had told her "I can't sleep, I'm so excited." Aw! Cute story about a young book lover in the making, I'm thinking. Two minutes later I look down the aisle to check on them and he is wailing, inconsolable. It turns out that the book that was ready was, in his words, "wroooooonnnggg." Tragedy! I guess she didn't read the email or maybe they're notified by phone (which doesn't give titles), and it was a dumb grown-up book for her and not the much anticipated book of his dreams. This honest misunderstanding was no consolation to Young Sir - now he wouldn't have it to read on the car ride (to Vacation - this book had clearly been a carrot dangled in front of him for something). His life: ruined! I felt bad for the little dude, but they went to the kid's section to find something that hopefully would patch over his heartbreak.

fantastic photos update: I love Sandra Juto's photographs, but I especially love her city pictures. She's been posting a series from Berlin that's fantastic.
2 comments on "little rattlesnakers"
  1. The video is wonderful, yes, but the song itself brings pure joy! Good call, as usual.

  2. It does! I love them both.


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