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Monday, July 19, 2010
It's no secret that I love the beach very much. I was there this past weekend for my birthday and it was almost PERFECT. (Almost is better than completely in this instance (and many other instances) because 100% perfection means every trip afterward will be ruined in comparison. Whereas almost gives some wiggle room for future almost perfect outings. It makes sense in my head.)

More photos soon - this is one of my learning curve photos taken TTV style. TTV stands for Through the Viewfinder, which means shooting digital pictures through the viewfinder of an old film camera. FUN! There's a lot to learn, which is one of the more exciting parts of any endeavor. (will it break if I drop it? does swearing make it work better? stuff like that.)
2 comments on "almost better than always"
  1. Glad you had fun! Sorry I had to work and couldn't meet up with you for beachy goodness. We'll have to plan birthday part II soon! (watch for emails)

  2. There was so much beachy goodness!! Next time you have to come. I will be watching for emails!


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