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Monday, July 05, 2010
bashful pony
I love this pony - I spotted this a couple of months ago when I was walking from work to my broken car during that brief period when I harbored the hope that somehow the battery would spontaneously cure itself after a nice rest. (this didn't happen, but it all worked out!) Anyway, I love this bashful plastic pony.

maple drop
this is from a red japanese maple and that's just how they look in the spring! which is when I took this. (while on the same walk of deranged hope.)

BUSBY! he is a handsome cat. I took this last year and came across it again in the course of looking for something else. (I just looked and this WAS taken in July, just not this July.)

random good news: it's supposed to get above 80 some time this week. I'm very excited.

…and now for no other reason than I LOVE this song/video and it's on my mind because I came across the Mark Romanek video collection in the book drop this morning. No one had a hold on it, so I put it in the staff picks section. (I love the phrase Devil's Haircut - it's so evocative of a particular state of mind.)

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