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Sunday, July 11, 2010
I've finally uploaded EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I had pending to flickr! Good news for me since this had become a task I dreaded way out of proportion to the labor involved. Now I am back into the realm of the reasonable, on this issue at least.

This quartz is from in front of the Mariposa Courthouse in Mariposa, California. (It sits in a quartzy lump on a post right in front. I'm sure it signifies something, but I didn't take a picture of that plaque.) Here's a little more about the courthouse from their website:

Mariposa County was formed in September 1850, even before California became the 31st State of the Union. Four years later the Mariposa County courthouse was built. The Court has conducted normal proceedings continuously in this courthouse ever since, the longest active period for any courthouse west of the Rocky Mountains.

Further reading tells me that Mariposa county was once so stinking huge it went from Merced all the way to Los Angeles. (It's smaller now.)

As I was saying - I'm so relieved that my picture situation is now in hand. I hope to have a forest post ready some time in the next couple of days.
2 comments on "finally!"
  1. Yay, awesome pictures! Is there a way to search them, like for something like "upside down tree trunk and branches," for example? What sort of code words do you use? Or is there any kind of tagging?

    There's this quilt I want to make, see....

  2. There is tagging! (on flickr, I'm really crap about tagging this blog) - tags that might help include: tree, tree silhouette, dappled. (it doesn't help for the ones that are not tagged and not titled anything helpful - but I'm working at getting caught up on tagging.)

    I'll go poke around and see if I can come up with useful links and send them to you!


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