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Thursday, July 15, 2010
For the record, I am having an awesome day. Here are some pictures from another awesome day - July 4th! These photos are from Tryon Creek State Natural Area - it's right in the middle of the city which amazes me because once you're in, it really does feel like you're deep in the woods. This isn't the gigantor rambling Forest Park, but it's impressive in its own right.

into the woods
Here's where we started. I think this one was called Big Fir Trail, but I honestly can't remember. There were a lot of mosquitos. Since it was the 4th, there was a brass band playing civil war era music (??? but it was awesome) in the pavilion, so that was audible every now and then as the trail dipped or raised in just the right way.

I love these little mushrooms.

and these little mushrooms. (there were so many mushroom pictures I didn't take!)

green canopy
looking up - there are a lot of different kinds of canopy - this was bright leafy green and lovely.

slug dining on leaf
SLUGS. I'm so glad the slugs in my garden are not these giant banana slugs that creep me all the way out.

banana slug
see what I mean? I get that they're a valued part of the ecosystem and I think they're even kind of situationally beautiful in the forest where they belong - but if I saw one of these on one of my plants I would have an epic freakout.

beautiful fungus
I don't know what this fungus is (fan? something. I should look it up), but it was SO PRETTY. There were dozens of them on the same tree. My sister went back later and said that the heat did them in. I'm glad I got to see them when I did.

in the forest
Does this look like it's blocks away from a bunch of houses? But it is! My sister and I went back for another ramble last week and we saw an OWL. I don't think I've seen an owl in the wild since I lived in Florida. We were coming up the path and could hear a bunch of little birds tweeting and twitterpated - lots of excitement and bird chatter. A woman coming down the path (with her big dog) was looking up and pointing. When we got close enough she showed us where this big ass owl was sitting on a branch minding his owl business. (Since his owl business involves eating little birds, I don't blame them for their upset.) When we got to the top of the trail there was another group of people who also asked if we'd seen the owl - I guess they're the ones who told the lady who told us. FOREST GOSSIP. Or celeb watching, or something. I'll definitely go back.
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