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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
The Aunt is on her way back to Florida after a very nice visit. The deadline for the projcect has been extended over the weekend. The sun is shining! Hooray!! I feel very fortunate right now, but also a little superstitious - like maybe I am too fortunate. -narrows eyes and looks shiftily about- It would be silly to not appreciate the good while it is here, though. So I will knock on wood and continue on.

Unrelated to anything - the woman that I am doing this freelance project for keeps emailing me to call her. Just to chat or whatever. It is so weird!! I didn't the first time because my aunt was here and we were on our way out the door to the beach - but then she sent her numbers again and there is really no way and no reason not too. I just am more of an emailer than a phone caller. But it's not like she's asking me to perform brain surgery or anything else I could reasonably decline, so I'll do it. It is so crazy that I feel weird about it, but there you have it.
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