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Monday, March 28, 2005
For whatever reason today I thought to myself, "self, now would be an awesome time to straighten out all of those mix CDs that don't have covers and are in three places." Why do I listen? I now have a big mess and CDs all over the bed, and a gigantic project of making new covers. Plus, I swear (!!) that I had at least three copies of part two of a particular mix (all made because I lost track of the others at one point or another), and now I can't find any. I know what this means - I will make another copy of part 2, only to have six of them show up under my bed or in the refrigerator, or somewhere really unlikely, and then it will be lopsided and evil all over again. Keeping track of CDs is definitely not my super power. I once held a grudge for over two years over a CD (the only thing I have ever won in a contest!) that I thought my uncle's child bride had accidentally put in one of her CD cases. Well, no. It wasn't HER who put it in the wrong case - it was me. And I didn't even put it in one of my OWN other cases. It showed up in my sister's copy of the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack. (under the proper CD of course, to avoid detection - it's almost like it was hiding from me!) So it is like I stomped on The Child Bride's Luis Miguel CD for no good reason (other than the obvious Luis Miguel sucks reasons). (to be fair to LM, he may be awesome (doubtful), but I am still all grudge-holding because he is forever associated with the Mysterious Disappearance.)

I think I will just take a deep breath and hold off looking for the missing CDs until tomorrow. Like tweezing my eyebrows, there are just some things that should not be attempted after midnight. It just makes me crazy - I know they're here somewhere.
2 comments on "mix CD mayhem"
  1. You know, I still love the child bride/Luis Miguel story. It just doesn't get old! Tee hee. It is understandable, though, considering the cd that was at stake!

  2. I know! that was a good CD with bonus materials! Nowadays it would all be available on iTunes or whatever, but then it was rare. Hee hee! Let this be my geezer rant for the weekend. Back in my day, we had to buy or win physical CDs to get rare or obscure tracks! Kids today....


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