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Friday, March 11, 2005
Modesty Blaise: The Gabriel Set-Up (#7) Peter O'Donnell

Modesty Blaise is amazing - she is like a girl James Bond, but cooler. A former criminal mastermind who now uses her powers for good, Modesty cuts a smart and stylish figure in London. Her loyal side-kick is Willie Garvin, Thai-style fighter and cockney man about town. Modesty is the spiritual mother to Buffy, Xena, Emma Peel, and ass-kicking women around the globe. The Gabriel Set-Up is a collection of comic strips featuring Modesty. Peter O'Donnell wrote several novels in addition to the comic, but the comic was first. For lots more info, go here, or here.

Got Your Number (#8) Stephanie Bond

This one was pretty disposable. It is a mystery/romance that was supposed to be funny, but didn't tickle my funny bone particularly. There were some great moments, but overall it was eh. I give it an eh, plus, grade. I would rather read Crusie. Got Your Number had a pretty interesting premise, and a promising beginning, and then got embroiled in lots and lots of exposition that just laid on top of everything else, waiting for the moment far too late in the book when it would become relevant. I think what jarred in my mind was the herky-jerky back and forth between jokey humor and pretty dark stuff. Plus, she telegraphed the killer with a really obvious stereotype. Jokey/darkness be a brilliant combo when it works (Buffy), but tedious when it doesn't. I read it at the beach, and it did keep me turning the pages, but I've definitely read better in the same category. I would give her another shot, though.
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