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Thursday, March 03, 2005
To remind myself that it is often the little things that make the difference between a really great day and a really crappy day, I would like to offer up the following list of small things that are making me happy right this very minute. Or at least contributing to overall feelings of non-misery. (Yay, non-misery!)

1. Hot Oil treatments for my hair - not even Alberto VO5 - the el cheapo Suave ones. They make my hair happy, which as anyone who has ever had a bad hair day knows, is a good thing.

2. The Old 97's. They just do. My name is Stewart Ransom Miller, and I'm a serial lady killer - ha!

3. diet coke. hello, my bubbly, caffeinated friend.


What are some of the small things that make you smile, or contribute to your overall feelings of non-misery?
5 comments on "Good Stuff"
  1. Things that drive the suckage away:

    1) When Baxter the wonderdog is happy and wiggles so hard that his back field is so seriously in motion that his hind feet actually leave the ground

    2) When Toby "sings" with me. He especially likes doing this when you sing The Battle Hymn of the Republik with only his name (and to selections from Carmen as well)

    3)Road trips and Agamemnon's open moonroof on a sunny day (and that I can actually drive him somewhere and feel confident that I'll make it back home without the aid of a tow truck)

    4) This is totally seasonal, but Cadbury eggs (not the big ones that my dad used to buy only to have you eat them all...tee hee), but the little ones with the hard shells

    5) Reading a really great book, then finding out that the same author has written a ton of stuff I've never read before

    6) And, of course, the Elixir of the Gods goes without mentioning

    P.s. I'm sure there's more that I'm just not thinking of right now.

  2. Oooh - those are all good ones! I like making short lists of small pleasures, because then you can always make a new list and there's no pressure about forgetting your most favorite thing EVER. This morning my list would go something like this: 1)tunes (more details later because I am addicted to the details) 2) Busby and Louie - they crack me up 3) the BEACH, because we are going in two hours 4)the sun, and 5) leftover pizza for breakfast. Delish!

    as for number 4 on your list - I still can't believe you told him that! I like to think that he saw it for the big stinking egg-eating lie it was. hee hee.

  3. I'm really glad you put this post up because I'm having a slightly cranky day and needed to be reminded of those little cranky lifters. OK (cracks knuckles) (not really)

    1) Fox Mulder (boy is he cute)
    2) Sunshine Day by the Brady Bunch
    3) The Library! (my Fox Mulder source!)
    4) Having a family you would choose if given a choice.
    5) My ringwatch
    6) Our food blog - it is so much fun!

  4. I have to add the beach to my list. We went yesterday, and it was SO good!

    And I second Leslie's "our food blog". It IS fun!

  5. Hooray for all of those! I think I will revisit this topic again. and probably often.

    today's list (I am easily influenced)

    1) The Beach - it is still awesome!
    2) Devil's Lake - not bad either
    3) Fox Mulder - sigh.
    4) iPod - !!!! Love !!!!
    5) daffodils - so jolly
    6) blogs and flickr -for ease of photofoodblogging!


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