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Thursday, March 24, 2005
I love Fiona Apple. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I really REALLY wish that Sony would get with it and release that album already. We want it! (uh, not the royal WE, but more of a 'we the people') I am working on a whole "why I love Fiona" post, but I am not articulate enough tonight. Or I should say I am probably will never be articulate enough, but I am going to work on it. In the mean time, here are some thoughts on one of her new songs. As I've mentioned previously here, I am really fond of weirdo orchestrations AND waltzes in pop music, so when I saw one of the titles on the new album was called Waltz I was very happy indeed. It did not disappoint! As with many of the songs on this album, it deals with many things, one of which being the importance of being true to yourself. This sounds like a song from that off-kilter circus that sits on the outskirts of town, drawing you in with its twirling melodies. Here are the lyrics - I like this one a lot:

If you don't have a song
To sing you're okay
you know how to get along

If you don't have a date
Go out and sit on the lawn
And do nothing
'Cause it's just what you must do and
Nobody does it anymore.

No I don't believe in the wasting of time
But I don't believe I am wasting mine

If you don't have a point to make
Don't sweat it
You'll make a sharp one being so kind
And I'd sure appreciate it
Everyone else's goal is to get big-headed
Why should I follow that beat being that I am

Better than fine.
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