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Friday, November 18, 2005
down, down, down

Ha ha! So much for predicting "oh, I will have no time for blogging during november," or, "so much time, it is rideeeculous." Clearly, (as I have always suspected) I have NO IDEA what I am talking about!

As is usually the case, I am almost done with eleventy hundred things. So - coming soon - the final part of my Decemberists' concert experience (the part with Decemberists). Maybe I can get it done before the next show I go to. What a thrilling new concept!
I would be much further ahead with not only this, but nano, if I hadn't taken that ill-considered side trip down HTML alley. I got the notion that I should really re-do my garden journal so that it will support wider pictures without spilling all over the edge. It was nothing fancy - just changing the colors on an existing (but different from the one I've got) template. And yet. Many fruitless hours later (after the hissing, the cursing, and recriminations) I decided that perhaps that is a project best left for another time

PS: this picture is from inside the Cape Blanco lighthouse along the Oregon coast.
2 comments on "around and around"
  1. I'm just killing a little time before I'm off to get my hairs done, and saw the picture. It is awesome! Did you take it?

  2. Thanks, man! I did take it. If you click on it, I think it will take you to the flickr set I made with other pictures from this lighthouse. I got some cool ones of the fresnel lens! Ooh, wait - let me test something... dang. It's no good. I was going to try to post a picture in the comments but blogger won't let me. Anyway, there are cool fresnel lens pictures right near where this one is. (on flickr)


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