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Friday, November 04, 2005
+ put air in tires during monsoon rains that will stop unbeknownst to me in 30 minutes. ( DONE - at least it stopped raining)

+read entire internet to see if it will somehow result in today's nano words being written effortlessly. (DONE - result was unsatisfactory, however)

+ use brush on three ill-conceived pincurls and give self unflattering white-girl fro (DONE - thank god for fro-flattening monsoon rains!)

+ eat all but the last two spoonfuls of ice cream. (DONE. I know it was an evil thing to do, but I had evil hair)

+ have brilliantly fun time at the sold-out Decemberists show tonight (TO DO! HOORAY!)

+ try on all clothes in closet to assemble most satisfactory rock-show ensemble (HALF DONE! what was I thinking, is all I can say to some of the things hanging in there)

+ actually write today's nano quota (TO DO: although this might get rolled into tomorrow's words since I realized why I hit the wall (long boring story involving a nano notebook and the intricacies of my latest 'that might work' scheme for writing))

+ waste time writing list and blogging it (ALMOST DONE!)
1 comment on "done/ to do"
  1. Whoa! When do you sleep? When do you have time for Nano? You are already putting out a few thousand words. I usually check my emails first thing A.M. I need to add Law of Sympathy to that routine.


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