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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
So, I thought I would try to maintain at least a couple posts a week, despite the fact that I am participating in NaNoWriMo. Big talk from someone just wrapping up the first day, I know! But rather than dive right in to all my nano 05 strategies immediately (since they have not been tested beyond 24 hours), I thought I would post something from my "hey - blog about that someday" file. Today's topic: Abandoned, or lost and found.

1. First up, a link to some atmospheric photos of an abandoned amusement park in Japan. I understand that there are actually several abandoned theme parks there (like in Spirited Away). Check it out here. It's all in Japanese, but the pictures speak for themselves well enough if you don't happen to read Japanese.

2. Secondly, the Derelict London site is very interesting. I've spent a lot of time there just looking at the disused railway line. It's addictive, and I'm not sure why.

3. Britain's Cold War Underground City, is also worth reading about. There are no pictures, but it is intriguing nonetheless. It has 60 miles of road and it's own railway station. And it's for sale! It makes me think of Neverwhere a little bit.

4. Found Magazine, is always an interesting distraction. A good place to go if you're not sure whether you want to laugh or cry - it's even bets which you'll get after a few items.

5. This site is one that I love - it's called Look At Me, and it is a home for unidentified photos of people looking at the camera. I really like this site, although it makes me a bit melancholy. I rescued a group of pictures from an estate sale many years ago of a couple who did a lot of exotic traveling during the 1920's - Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand - on sailboats, elephants, and rikshaws. Why anyone would let those go for 5 cents each is a mystery to me, but I'm glad I've got them. I guess I could send them in - there's a great one of the two of them on board a ship. Anyway - this site actually could be a huge nano help if ever a person were in need of a visual to prompt writing.
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