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Sunday, November 06, 2005
The Decemberist's Concert Review part 1

You know - I think I had it all backwards. Nano will lead to MORE blogging, not less. I don't know what I was thinking. So, on to my subject - The Decemberist's concert on the 4th was pretty amazing. It is probably one of my top 3 concerts ever. (I'm still debating, and since they were filming it for a live concert DVD, I guess at some point I will be able to re-evaluate)

Part one - The Opening Act

Let us not talk of standing in line around the block in the rain, only to get to the metal detector and realize that I would have to run my camera back to the car through sketchy town. Nor shall we dwell on the metal detector and the pat down (I came up clean, in case you were wondering). Let us get straight to the music.

Band 1: I have since learned they are called Blanket Music (see link above) and are up and coming twee superstars. Hooray for them! But, since either the sound was muddy or they are just natural born mumblers, I never heard who they were that night. So, I called them The Mumbles. I really think this is a better band name than Blanket Music, but it probably doesn't have that twee cachet, so I'll live with my disappointment...but not before I reveal my master marketing plan for The Mumbles!! First, they need a cartoon show where they solve crimes (not unlike Scooby Doo), and then sing a song at the end of every episode (not unlike Fat Albert). This would be a huge hit, I tell you!! It all maps perfectly - Lead Singer Mumbles with his pale and earnest face peeking out from a black turtleneck looked like a youth pastor prepping for the hootenanny following a hay ride - he can be the serious one who talks to the police. Floppy-haired, striped-shirt, bass-player Mumbles (my co-favorite) looked like nothing made him happier than jumping around and being bass-player guy - he can talk to witnesses and get them to confess things. Bearded Keyboard Mumbles (my other co-favorite who actually didn't mumble at all) can be the one who talks to the criminal element since he looked the 'scruffiest.' Drummer Mumbles - I am sorry I have no part for you! From where I was standing I couldn't see you at all. Maybe Deus ex Machina Mumbles who shows up at the end with the answer to the problem of the week, everyone has a belly-laugh and then starts playing the final song? Maybe something more glamorous. In any case none of this will work if you insist on calling yourselves Blanket Music. Seriously though, they were fun, even though the sing-along "I Love You" chorus went on a little long. Pay no mind to the jerk standing behind me hurling insults. He'll get what's coming to him when we cast him as the idiot villain in the Case of the Insensitive Heckler. Don't worry, I remember what he looks like.
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