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Thursday, January 03, 2008
I was thinking about this resolution stuff and thought that I could really torture myself and anyone who happens to read this by drawing it out all month! mwahahaha! I don't think I will (because I'm not entirely evil), but here are a few more related to entertainment:

Read More -- I didn't keep count of what I read this year until a couple of weeks ago -- it was more than I thought, but not as much as I'd like. I want to introduce a little more variety and challenge to my reading diet. I have been reading a lot more poetry and non-fiction which is what I wanted to do a couple of years ago, so yay me! But even so -- there are so many books I want to read, I really don't have a good excuse for not reading them. (I have plenty of excuses, but none of them are good.)

Mix It Up -- 2007 was a lousy year for me making mix cds which I used to love to make all the time! I think it was in part because I wasn't listening to much new stuff due to my need to cocoon my rattled self with the familiar. But like I said last post, change is good! (in fact, I think that could be my 2008 motto -- where I always get it wrong with "change is good" is that my mind immediately goes to the opposite of what I want or am familiar with and assume that change will be this terrible disruption, which of course is ridiculous! I mean, sometimes it is horrible, but not always. Not even usually. Besides, change happens whether I like it or not, so I'd rather be happy about it and maybe even get to the point where it's not a disruption but a fun new twist. what? It could happen.)

Where was I? MIX CDs! yes! I think maybe I'll try to do at least one a month for myself. (including theme mixes of stuff I have already. I like the notion of putting things I love already in a new-to-me context.)

My ipod needs a major refresh as well. Wheeee!

What To Watch? -- Well, TV is going to be dire for a while so I think it's time to plan some themed movie events. The library has so much (including a ton of TV on DVD -- there was a guy in a panic today because he was returning Dallas season 5 and his hold for Dallas season 6 had expired the day before. I'm sure you'll be relieved to know that it all worked out) -- it shouldn't be too hard to come up with something fun and interesting. I had an inadvertent Carole Lombard festival this summer which was very enjoyable, so with a little bit of planning I figure I could have a whole lot of fun. Actor? Genre? Year? Director? Coolest Cover? Close My Eyes And Grab? Farscape Marathon? Recommendations? Some top 100 list or another? The possibilities are endless!

My favorite item processed at the library in the past week: about 10 pieces of bagpipe specific sheet music. I love this for many reasons: 1) someone is learning the bagpipe! I'm glad the hoodlum children who live next door have thus far limited themselves to the trumpet. 2) someone learning the bagpipe thought "I wonder if the library can help me out?" 3) The library has a ton of sheet music! (central has a whole sheet music department. it's awesome) In this collection is music intended for learning the bagpipe! 4) it was all pretty old and had quaint retro bagpipe-design covers. 5)honestly, I don't think I can type the word "bagpipe" enough times.
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  1. Embracing change, or even encouraging change, has always been difficult for me, but I think that it can be healthy? Or at the very least different? Maybe I will embrace difference this year, which is change disguised in a less frightening word? As far as reading more I totally agree! One of my problems is waiting to get something from the library, getting it, letting it sit...and sit and sit until it is due back and I have only touched it to make room for more books to be stacked on top of it! I need to commit to the books I reserve and then either read them or give them back so someone can give them their much needed love...bagpipes.

  2. I think you are exactly right about "difference" being CHANGE in a less-scary costume. Awesome.

    Library books sitting around: oh my god! I have so many and I don't want to take them back because I WANT to read them, but then I'll get something else in that I can't renew and the old ones go to the bottom of the heap. It's out of control.

    bagpipe bagpipe bagpipe

  3. Thornerina "Thorny" Thornerson, Mayor of Thornville1/05/2008 10:44 AM

    Remembering what I sounded like when I was learning violin (it was not pretty - as an adult, I understand why my parents suddenly had work to do outside, whenever I practiced!), I can only imagine what a beginning bagpiper must sound like! That said, I STILL love that!

    P.s. Do it! You know you want to. Three days - three posts...I see a trend!

  4. I keep getting new books from the library and it is getting out of control!!! Most especially because I keep reserving books that are "hot" and I am unable to renew them. Now, they aren't what I would consider hot or sexy: Boom! The Voice Of The Sixties, Peter Jennings : A Reporter's Life, Starbucked and finally Schulz and Peanuts. I know. Not hot or sexy. I have only started Starbucked, am half way through and realizing that the history of coffee is super boring. Really. Erich will try to read Schulz and report his for the other two? I like the idea of the 60's book, especially now that Hillary, the poster-person for the 60's, has fallen in Iowa. I am hoping she can indeed get knocked down AND get up again. We'll see. I have visited Starbucks way too many times today. I love the stuff. Peppermint mocha's are love.

  5. thornerina "t" thornerson, aka "I heart gnomes": I like to think that the beginning bagpiper is either practicing out in the middle of a cow field somewhere or right downtown.

    bbd: are the peppermint mochas seasonal? do you have to drink them all RIGHT NOW before they disappear and are replaced with conversation heart mochas or whatever? I know what you mean about hot titles -- it's all so complicated! But I like it anyway.

  6. Peppermint mochas are not seasonal, and I am actually eating valentine conversation hearts as I type this, so how spooky is that? And I already had my morning mocha. It is like a red-letter day or whatever. Cheers!!!


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