I think Ms. Productive is a figment of my imagination

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
I stayed up way too late last night. I keep thinking that I'm going to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and be Ms. Productive (I am an optimist), but it keeps not happening. Why can't I be tired at 11pm??? I guess I'm just going to have to be sneakier with myself and try to be more efficient when I am awake. (why I have to be sneaky instead of just deciding like a rational adult is a good question, but it is not one I am prepared to tackle just now.)

Speaking of things I want to do, I want to make a new quilt. Do I need one? No. But my friend Blondie has been doing some amazing quilt studies in color and texture and shape that have me all jazzed to make a new one for myself. I don't want to do anything too complicated -- just a simple pattern with crazy fabric. (the fabric will make it look more difficult than it is; I'm perfectly willing to let the fabric do the work.) Of course I have to decide on colors and whatnot, but that's the fun part. There are a bunch of other projects I want to do, but they're still in Blob On Brain stage, so I need to do some thinking. But right now I'm going to do some reading and then some sleeping. (Behold the miracle of my new powers of organization! ha.)
5 comments on "I think Ms. Productive is a figment of my imagination"
  1. I have a quilt query, or a query related to quilts, whichever way you like. Do you need to do this by hand or can you use a machine? My mom has two quilts that she started when my sister and I were like each under 5 years old, so they have been collecting dust for quite sometime, and I was thinking recently of finishing them. She might not be the sort of person that would appreciate a surprise like that but I have gotten to the point where I just don't care. If they are done they are way more likely to not be tossed into the trash by my sister once, well, once she gets her hands on them. My sister is not super sentimental when it comes to other peoples things. Or even sort of sentimental. She is more of a robot than I. Hard to believe? She bleeds Pennzoil.

  2. Hee hee. I think the answer to your question of why you aren't tired at 11 PM is to be found in the previous blog: You are too busy creating!

    Of course the more mundane rendition would be that you are a night owl, not a lark, and your natural cycle is to stay up late, get up late. (I know someone like that.)

    [Nothing to add about quilts...]

    [I got such a laugh from BBD's last line. He really makes me giggle.]

  3. See, I was going to say that my sister cries Pennzoil, but since robots don't cry...now, I know they don't bleed exactly but they can be injured, so...I love my robot sister, but she is still a robot.

  4. bbd -- I piece my quilts by machine and then don't actually quilt them because I am lazy and don't like that part. I tie them (which is dead-easy and will hold things in place if you decide you want to quilt it later).

    (piecing = making the top, etc. quilting = sewing through the top, the back, the batting, usually with some decorative design unless you are lazy like me and then you just make a bunch of little knots with embroidery floss.)

    Now I am picturing your sister as Bender the robot from Futurama. Has she ever said "bite my shiny metal ass?" because Bender has!

    Patty -- dude! I should be able to stay up late and get up early, right? it seems like all these super-productive people do so by getting up before dawn. It just rarely (ever) works for me like that. sigh.

  5. I think that certain people are able to thrive on like 4 hours of sleep a night...I am not one of them. I like to be up before everyone else but I also like to be up after everyone else. I am a morning and late evening person so finding a way to get a sleep schedule that I enjoy as well as can live with is rather tricky. Sometimes I will still get up at 5:30am even if I am up way beyond midnight and it is fine. Until about 10am when I start to see spots and get all sweaty and basically look like a homeless person waiting for their daily dose to be delivered or kick in. Not sexy. I guess once I have a regular work schedule I will have less choice in the matter...


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