the medicinal bark of winter trees

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Friday, January 11, 2008
My head still hurts! I am squinting my eyes (it hurts too much to glare) at the barometric pressure and cursing its sadistic delight in squeezing my sinuses. What did I ever do to you, barometer?

But on to the photos! As I've said before, I love the way that bare trees look against the sky. There are so many shades of grey in the world and we get to see a lot of them in a typical portland winter. Anyway, here are a few pictures that I took wednesday and today.

looking up

These first three are from wednesday morning at the park -- I decided I would try to take them from a different angle since I've taken pictures of many of these trees before. Usually I stand away from the tree and shoot up through the branches. Yesterday I decided to stand with my back right up against the trunk of the tree and to aim straight up. I got a little dizzy, but it makes a totally different picture than the other way.

looking up

friendly tentacled monster??? I love how these almost look black and white, but not quite. (it really is grey out!)

vertigo tree

Legs? kinda? I always think of the greek myths when I see something like this. Oh, Zeus and Hera with your hardcore yet whimsical punishments.


This was taken today near the library where I worked. I was also there yesterday and witnessed one of the most beautiful things I've seen in the new year. The wind was gently blowing, the rain was very soft, the sky was more grey than the blue-grey of today, and this tree was FULL OF BIRDS who were all chattering and singing and not sounding very winter-like at all. There were wind-chimes going from the next block over, but they were the good kind and not the kind that makes me want to swing at them with a canoe paddle -- it was one of the loveliest little moments I've experienced in a while.


Blue bark on a blue tree.

The new flickr uploader is really nice, by the way.
3 comments on "the medicinal bark of winter trees"
  1. The last pic is my fave pic. And by that I mean the final photograph in the brief series is by far the loveliest, in my humble opinion.

  2. The Wild Thornberries1/12/2008 10:18 PM

    We LOVE the new Flickr uploader! My future butterfly eared associate/current favorite model and I are big fans of its ease of use.

  3. Thanks, BBD! I think that one and #2 are my faves. The sky was so weird in the blue photo -- it wasn't sunny at all -- those were all just BLUE CLOUDS. freaky!

    wild thornberry, your future butterfly eared associate knows her stuff, which is remarkable for a puppy of her age.


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