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Monday, January 14, 2008
the bathroom skirt lady
I was trying really hard not to whine again about how hard it is to blog every day if you're lazy and not used to it like I am (It's hard! wah!), but I'm almost halfway through and this is only the second time (I think), so it could be worse. (I have more respect than ever before for the regular daily bloggers out there!)

Anyway, after yesterday's short post I was hoping to have a book post ready but it IS NOT due to the fact that I need to think about it some more, but now it's almost midnight and I need to post something. So without further ado, Things I Wasn't Going To Talk About For A While Since They're All I Ever Talk About:

The Park:

+The Stick of Damocles has fallen! Shortly after I wrote about it last time we had a big wind storm and the stick AND the limb it was balancing on both came falling down. It did not stab me through the eyeball and kill me like I thought it would, which is good... although now I worry that I have to go back to my unnatural fear of cars driving the wrong way down one way streets. I honestly couldn't figure out whether I should be relieved (the stick fell without me being there! the crisis has passed!) or worried (the stick fell! the penny dropped! only I don't know what the consequences are yet). When in doubt, I default to worried.

+ I get it all wrong, part 4999221: The merry-go-round at the park (well-used and abused) was MISSING one day and I was sure that someone had gone flying off of it at 1000 MPH and hurt themselves so the park was taking it away. I was wrong, wrong, wrong (I shouldn't even be surprised anymore!) -- they were replacing it with a new and improved merry-go-round, which appears to go just as fast, only now it is less slippery there are more places to hang on.)

+ cool or gross? I found a tiny, intact colorful bird wing separate from a bird. It's only a couple of inches long, it didn't have any juicy or fleshy bits hanging on it, it is beautiful and a marvel of engineering, which is cool, but...
It's from an almost certainly dead bird, which is gross! I currently have it in a secure but undisclosed location awaiting verdict.

The Library:

+ I had to cancel a job today. I realized that an 8 hour shift I picked up for next tuesday was the same night as the tickets my sister gave me to the Decemberist's first show after their cancelled tour! OH YAY! (for show) but OH NO! (for cancelling job.) You can't cancel a job through the website, you can only cancel by calling the branch or going in person. Since the branch in question was in the neighborhood of some of my other errands, I went in and took care of it. I hated having to do it, but the job was 8 days away and it filled before I even got home so I don't feel too bad.

+ I need to do a major cull of stuff I have checked out. I'm back up over 60 items, which is just about my limit for keeping track of things.

+ I believe I have defeated my Joseph Cornell Adversary. (alternate title: I didn't have to wait 6 weeks to get my book back!)


+ I not only found a pattern for the quilt I want to make, but I picked up some super groovy fabric to mix with my own. (it's the Amy Butler Belle quilt (go to free patterns on this page) -- ooh, here's a picture,although the colors in the flyer I have are much more vibrant. I really dig that the circles are just appliqued on and that the whole thing is relatively easy.)

+ I think I may have had an idea for valentine's cards. (I don't know why, but valentines are my second favorite cards to make after Halloween. Maybe because so many commercial valentine cards make me want to pluck my eyes out with a fondue fork? Maybe as a way to claim part of the day? I don't know!)


+ I really enjoyed the Sarah Connor Chronicles which surprised me since I don't think I've ever seen all of any Terminator movie.

+ The Complete Jane Austen!! I have many more thoughts about this, which will have to be in a later post. (hopefully before next week's Northanger Abbey.)

Crazy Lady Job:

+ I went back for the first time since before Christmas today. It was a good day; the return to the horse and buggy era was only wished for one time!

+ On my commute to the CLJ, I worked on fulfilling one of my resolutions. I listened to something new to me. (today it was Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology.)
4 comments on "in which I talk about it anyway"
  1. That quilt fabric is Wowsome! Big prints small prints in yummy coordinated colors--and not just any prints--Bliss! Going through my junk this past week I found a clip of an Old Navy dress I have saved lo these many years--those quilt fabrics rang my bells, (shades of Lovejoy) like that Old Navy fabric. Now I wonder...?

  2. Bird wings are not exactly on the top of my list. Unless it was a scavenger hunt list. For actual scavengers. I mean it is a bit on the icky side. But I am sure it is beautiful?

  3. Patty, I think I sent you a copy of the pattern! Anyway, I did get several of the fabrics featured, but I'm going to mix it with some of my own. I think you should make one with your Old Navy dress...

    BBD, I KNOW! What if it gives me bird flu or whatever? But it isn't gross to look at, only gross when i think about it. (did you know they used to use whole GIANT bird wings as decoration on hats?) It is lovely, but I'm thinking it might be the kind of lovely I can take a picture of rather than the kind I need to keep around the house.

  4. Might it attract cats, in an unwanted way? I mean I understand how it isn't gross, and that it could be beautiful...I say keep it around for awhile and if it serves no purpose burn it.


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