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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
galaxie 500

I was just looking at this picture last night (flickr is my post-a-day savior) and then drove by a turquoise blue Galaxie 500 on my way to the Crazy Lady Job today! It might have even been the same one. What makes it really weird is that two days ago I found a Galaxie 500 CD at the library. (I am always reading about this band but had never heard them, so I picked it up.) Ha! to be filed under: kinda weird but just one of those things.

I am in a really good mood -- it might not last through the morning, but right now I'm feeling pretty damn fabulous. I don't have to work ANYWHERE tomorrow, which is lovely. I plan on starting my quilt and watching either Indiana Jones movies or Jane Austen movies. (If I watch the 95 Persuasion, maybe I can make a Persuasion post tomorrow. or maybe I'll watch something else, I'll have to see how the spirit moves me. all I know is it has to be something I'm familiar with or I won't get any work done.) Anyway, I found the rest of the fabric I'm going to use on my quilt out of stuff already on hand. Woo hoo! I hope it turns out the way I want and not in a way that causes seizures or retinal bleeding. (time will tell.)

Speaking of sewing and really flimsy segues, I brought home a box of vintage patterns from the CLJ. She is prepping to mount a major ebay/etsy campaign to unload a MOUNTAIN OF CRAP, except not all of it is crap. Actually, we argue about what's crap and what's not all of the time. First on the list is checking out these patterns to make sure they have all of their pieces, etc. etc. I wanted to bring them home so I can upload some info to the wonderful Vintage Sewing Pattern Wiki if I happen to find a pattern that's not already in there.

I was going to tell the tale of the psychotic on-call sub I worked with yesterday, but I think I will save his paranoid close-talking adventures for another day and go read for a while.
2 comments on "in a galaxie not far away"
  1. I know the feeling of joy at having to go nowhere and do nothing. I am pretty much with my family every single day of the week, except for Mondays. Now, this is technically a paid position, but that is a conversation for another space and time. I had Monday last to just do nothing. I read a book called "The Memory Keepers Daughter". Weird book. Not in a bad way. Just not what you would expect. I tend to see the movies that the books will be as I read them and the ending would have to be changed for Julia Roberts or, if she's getting to old by Hollywood standards, then maybe Reese Witherspoon. I went to the library, in a lazy nice way, not in the usual "I have to hurry because I am running late for___" way. Erich goes to Seattle every other Monday, which I don't exactly enjoy, but it just adds to the quiet Monday moments. Quiet moments late at night tend to turn me into a bit of a nutter but during the day? I love them. I can't wait to read about the library close talker.

  2. Yay for lazy days and quiet monday moments (during the day).

    the close talker should be coming up soon. I have not been able to get very far ahead of myself.


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