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Monday, January 21, 2008
jan. quilt project

Ta-da! here is my quilt so far. I show only a tiny piece of it so that the full horror must be imagined, like the Cloverfield monster. (I haven't seen Cloverfield, so maybe I'm talking nonsense.) Big thanks to Martina and my sister, both of whom helped me lay out the squares in a manner that best spread the color around. I still have to trim it down and add borders, etc., but this is a huge start.

I thought Northanger Abbey movie was great fun and I'm sorry that I have eleventy thousand books in line to be read, because I want to read that one now. Maybe I will reorder the queue (which is only a sort of vague oh, you're next kind of thing anyway). It was all tied up very neat and quick at the end, but I thought it was kind of perfect because that sort of ending fit exactly with the kind of gothic novel being sent up.

After enjoying an evening of "is it possible to read too many novels" television, I thought I'd try my hand at uploading a pattern to the Vintage Sewing Patters wiki. I must say that I am wiki-stupid. I had the article, I had the picture, but I couldn't get them to match up. The beauty of a wiki is that someone else can fix it, and I was lucky because someone else did! I need to figure it out though -- I couldn't work out how to get any specific information from the help forum area (like how to match up the picture with the description, how to get the whole thing listed in the proper categories, how to remove the "'" from McCall's, etc. etc.). I have scanned a bunch of other patterns and copied down the pertinent info so I can upload them later, assuming I am suddenly blessed with wiki-fu. But yay for the person who fixed my mess for me! It's a cute pattern.

In contest news, it seems that I may have won season tickets to the Rose City Rollers! (Portland's Roller Derby league.) I entered a contest online during the Simpson's last week or the week before and found a message on my cellphone today wanting to "talk to me about it" which seems weird. I am now playing phone tag. If they make me skate an obstacle course or something first, I will not win. I'm not quite sure what the deal is (why not just email me?) but it's pretty fun speculating even if I don't ultimately get the tickets. (although it will certainly be more fun if I do!)

In driving home news (there's a lot of news today), the view on my way back to Portland from West Linn was incredible! It is unusually cold here in the PNW for a week or so -- this means no cloudy sky which means the almost-full moon is fully visible. As I was going home the sun was mid-way through setting, so the moon was OUT and gorgeous in a blue-purple sky. What made it even better, though, was that the sun was reflecting pink on mt. hood, so I had the pink mountain (purple mountains majesty, WHATEVER) and the almost full moon all right out my window. So lovely!

I have got to go to bed. Tomorrow is very busy (and ends with a rock show!) so I need to sleep IMMEDIATELY or I will be trampled by a bunch of 15 year olds when I collapse on the floor for a 10pm nap.
4 comments on "pink mountain majesty, more like"
  1. Your quilt is lovely and it seems to be coming together much more quickly than the last one!

  2. Yay! It looks fabulous! We really should have dinner in West Linn one day when you're working down there. I know place that I think you'd like! (Or, alternately, if you're down that way around lunch time, have lunch.)

  3. I am still thinking of quilting. And a lot of other things, of course. You might just provide the inspiration that I need. Who can say?

  4. Thanks Leslie! It's coming together so much more quickly because the pieces are 100x bigger and I am not Inventing My Own Pattern, which as we all know only leads to heartache.

    We SHOULD, Martina! Except I'm usually there weird non-meal adjacent times. But would could surely work something out.

    BBD -- you should give it a whirl!


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