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Saturday, January 05, 2008
dude, this posting every day thing is hard! Not that I thought it would be easy, but I didn't think I'd be whining about it on DAY FIVE. ha ha ha!

One of my plans for winter is to start taking pictures again and getting my flickr stuff sorted out a little better. I was an early flickr user, I have a LOT of pictures and have gone through phases where tagging and organizing was, uh, not the highest priority. Of course that makes it so easy to find things later on! (and it's ridiculous that I haven't done it, because flickr makes it so simple. But I digress...)

In anticipation of Getting My Shit In Order, I was poking around and found these Five Random Photos:

Furry Pants

Busby, who even at his most sleek summer fur levels is not a small cat, essentially doubles in size in the winter. (all fur.) the colder it is, the bigger he gets. This photo was from a couple of years ago. It makes me laugh because it looks like he has no legs at all, just tiny feet sticking out from this crazy ball of fur.

birthday fun

This photo also makes me laugh, although I was obviously not amused when it was taken, oh so many years ago. I'm not sure if it was my birthday or my sister's birthday, but my mom used to love to get us matching smocked dresses for holidays and special occasions. Dig the braids!

out the window of my hospital room

From my hospital stay last year. Both the view and the morphine were lovely. I did a tag search on "windows" and found that I have named a lot of pictures "out the window" -- I could do a whole mosaic of them and maybe I will! (but I promise not to post it until January is over.)

out the window

This was just a random out the window shot on the way home from Multnomah Falls, I think. That's the Columbia river, looking across to the Washington side. The everyday scenery in this part of the world is really beautiful.

zinnia opening

... and here is one of my early flickr pictures. I only ever joined flickr so I'd have a place to host pictures for my (practically abandoned) garden blog. Maybe I'll revive that this year too.
4 comments on "miscellaneous pictures already"
  1. I'm surprised, pleasantly, that it took you 5 days to get your whine on, as it were. As it is? I don't know. I lovelovelove the 2nd photo. The dress, the hair...but most of all the murderous expression on your face. Priceless. I would like to add that I have been listening to a cd mix that you made last year, featuring the ditty LDN by drunk/pregnant Lily Allen. I bring it up because you mentioned how you want to "mix it up" more, which I totally support, and also because I love that song. I mean really love it. And it reminds me of Bettlejuice, which is never a bad thing...

  2. Thornton Milder1/06/2008 2:22 PM

    Just wait, it's not so bad. I reached a point last year where I thought "this is a stupid pain in the ass", but once I got through that, I wasn't so bad, so keep it up and don't make me poke you!

  3. awww, I have an enormous fondness for the drunk/pregnant Lily Allen! (I didn't realize she was pregnant, though.) I know people were giving her shit and calling her fat which was RIDICULOUS since she is ADORABLE, but evs. People suck! The song reminds me of beetlejuice too -- it's the Calypso!

    I am flattered that you rate my expression "Murderous" as I know that is high praise from you! hee hee hee.

    Thornton Milder, you crack me up! If I can get through week one, I think I can do it! (although you'd probably better keep checking up on me!)

  4. I think that Lily is newly knocked-up, but they have been bothering her about her weight forever, which is so weird. Same thing with the elder Spears sister, her performance at the VMA's and how FAT she looked. I thought, quite frankly, that her body looked rather swell for a woman that in the last three years had birthed two babies. However, I do realize that body image and ideas of weight are highly subjective. Still. With all the troubles we face...weight of celebrities being a chief complaint? How about celebrities with NO talent! That would be something worth discussing. Or not.


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