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Friday, January 18, 2008
Today started off promising, went to hell, then got better again. My plans were such: much fun and accomplishment in the morning to be followed by an afternoon of satisfying library work. OR SO I THOUGHT. I got to the branch I was working today (conveniently near my house) and they didn't have me on the schedule. No big deal, right? It wasn't my fault -- I was at the right place at the right time filling a job they had placed, but they forgot to put me on the schedule. I hate this kind of thing because it is my nature to feel like somehow it was my fault -- instead of being useful and necessary, I was now this massive inconvenience, a problem to be solved. Argh. My inclination was to just say "you know what? it's okay -- I'll go home." But dude! It wasn't my fault and they (not being crazy) knew this -- it all got straightened out and it ended up being fine (like always). That they tried to pass me off on another branch (also nearby) and failed is not a statement about my work ethic or my character. I knew while it was happening that it was one of those things that I needed to grit my teeth and get through and it would be fine. And it was! I'm not even going to spend too much time beating myself up for my guilty first reactions -- I just have to recognize that I had them and let them go. (and hope that as I do this it will happen less and less.)

On the plus side, this branch was right by a hippie grocery store so I got to stock up on my favorite bulk lotion (Kiss My Face aloe and olive). (Portland has an abundance of hippie grocery stores ranging from hard core co-ops to expensive yuppie hippie stores to the awesome hybrid-hippie "sell diet coke AND organic cat food" grocery stores.)

In news less about my neuroses or hippies and more about the wonder of the world, may I just say that I love the internet, specifically (right now, tonight) blogs? There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I get to read them just by virtue of having an internet connection! How cool is that? (I just read several outstanding blog posts here and there and am filled with blog-affection.)

One of the things going on at the library right now is web 2.0 training for regular staff. (training is not available to on-call peeps like myself.) Anyway, as part of the lesson plan they are creating blogs and you wouldn't believe the bitching that is going on in certain quarters. Some people do not see the point and think it is the 21st century equivalent of a vacation slide-show or an open invitation for kidnappers or identity thieves. I suppose it certainly could be, but ... really? I know I don't get to cast any stones since I flipped out (quietly!) over a simple scheduling mistake that was corrected with zero rancor, but SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. It's not like we're talking about technophobes who don't like to read -- these are people who work with computers and various media every day in a freaking LIBRARY. Their crazy is so much crazier than mine! ... or at least that's what I'm telling myself before I go to sleep.
4 comments on "cod liver day"
  1. I think that their craziness is way more crazy than yours, but I think that your crazy is a better crazy. Less like getting into a tower to hurt people and more like buying ice cream cones from the ice cream man and handing them out to strangers. Yes, I know this is not likely to happen, I mean really, but I thought it helped illustrate that your crazy is nice and giving?

  2. hee hee! Well, it's not like I'm totally selfless here -- they DO pay me, and I like that part a lot. But thank you for agreeing that they are more crazy than I am. will you testify for me in court?

  3. I would love to testify for you in court. I can't wait to find out what the charges will be.

  4. Me either! I hope it's something in the Disorderly family.


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