knuckle tattoos

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Saturday, January 26, 2008
knuckle tattoos

1) free season passes rule!

2) roller derby people watching is UNRIVALED to any other in my recent experience. Really. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and all kinds are sending representatives to roller derby.

3) those girls can really skate. The teams have improved tremendously in the season or so I've been attending bouts, and I can only imagine that they will continue to get better.

4) the skater names crack me all the way up. They are often violent or vaguely obscene (Scratcher in the Eye, November Pain, Fire Crotch) but not always. One of my favorites from tonight was from the visiting team (Rat City Roller Girls from Seattle) -- Rollin' Bayou. (she was really fast, too.)

5) my free t-shirt is totally cute! I may take a picture of it later, but for now, know that it has lightning bolts on it.

6) the announcers worship at the altar of the "let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuumble" guy.

7) did I mention that with the season pass comes reserved seating? (well... reserved in the sense that only people with a wristband or pass can sit there, not reserved in the manner of a butler in a periwig skating you to your specifically saved piece of metal bleacher that may or may not have beer spilt on it already.)

8) did I just say periwig? It must be in anticipation of whichever Jane Austen they are showing tomorrow night on PBS.

9) you know what would be awesome? Jane Austen roller derby night! think of it -- the regency dances could EASILY be done on roller skates, right? Right!

10) Jane Austen Roller Derby is possibly the best idea I've had all day, which lets you know what kind of day it has been. (mostly fun, actually, but sleep is probably not a bad idea.)
4 comments on "knuckle tattoos"
  1. I totally ahve to go to the derby some time. This woman from my Womens Studies class was all about it and thought I'd like it. But, well, that's all I should say about her. I can't wait to see the entire t-shirt.

  2. ahve ahve ahve...I sort of like how that typo looks.

  3. ha ha ha! now you've got me wondering about Woman Studies woman. But like I said, there really are all kinds at the derby. I think you'd like it at least once just for the spectacle.

    ahve is an awesome typo. It's like you're writing with a southern accent.

  4. I ahve to go to the roller derby some time. It sounds like fun, and I could use some fun, sho nuf.


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