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Monday, January 28, 2008
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I have two spots available on my library hold list and it is freaking me out! Each card gets fifteen slots for placing things on hold (unless you're an educator, then you get something like FORTY) and mine is usually maxed out at all times. Right now is tricky because everything I'm waiting for is a little ways away -- on the one hand I like to have the flexibility of an available spot, but on the other hand, two empty spots feels like I'm wasting one. The stuff I have on hold will undoubtedly all arrive at once, but this is a happy kind of problem.

I recognize fellow hold-list obsessives when they come in -- they are always just as pleased about the now available space on their list as they are about the item they are picking up. One woman even said we fifteen-items people should form a club to share enthusiasms and strategies (she was going to use her newly available space for a Helen Mirren film festival), but we couldn't come up with a good name so that beautiful idea died right there. I was shelving holds the other day and noticed that someone was using her kids' cards to put stuff on hold since she had maxed out her own. Unfair! I don't actually need more spots -- I have more stuff than I can deal with checked out right now; having even more things instantly available is probably not The Answer. Even so... people have had kids for dumber reasons. (kidding!)

Quilt news: I think I'm going to finish it this month, which also freaks me out. this post could be called "jen freaks out over inconsequential things" but then almost every post could be called that, so whatever. (sometimes when I type whatever, the v doesn't show so it's whateer, which makes me want to put an apostrophe in it to become "and then she spake whate'er and flounced away.") ANYWAY -- thinking of it, finding/ adapting a pattern, getting fabric and getting it all done in the same 30 day period is unheard of for me, so we'll see if it happens. It's definitely possible! I sewed the borders on tonight and it's looking pretty fabulous, I have to admit. (as long as you are not obsessed with perfect points, which, thank god, I am not.) I was also thinking that it might be fun to do a very similar one in much more subdued colors, just to prove to myself that I CAN -- maybe blue-grey/green with little pops of red. And now I shall spake whate'er and flounce off to bed as it is VERY LATE and I am so tired.
8 comments on "hold list acrobatics, etc."
  1. I also have two spots open at this time and I have decided, for now, to not fill them. I just got season 1 of both The Wire and Gilmore Girls, and season's 2-4 of TW are on my list, as is season 2 of GG, and I have 6 books that I would like to read already...but I understand the problem. I feel lazy if my list isn't full and if I have less than 10 items checked out. I feel somehow slackerish, I suppose.

  2. yes! that's it exactly. I feel like a slacker since there are so many books/movies/ etc. that I haven't read or seen... but there's only so much that can be done at once! not that my crazy brain remembers that while it fidgets about empty spots on my hold list.

  3. I am returning 3 of my 6 books today. I don't have time for them right now, and someone else could be waiting to stumble upon them. One is actually on hold so it will be more of a surprise than an accident when it is ready for them, but still. I have started The Wire and I need to constantly remind myself that it is a television program and not a movie. I am fearful that I am going to fall head over heels for the show so I want to take it slow. I have decided that it must be okay for me to have empty spaces on my library hold list so when I hear about a book/movie that I must have I will be able to reserve it without trying to figure out which other item on my list should be sacrificed to make room. That is just rude.

  4. OMG! The Wire is thoroughly excellent.

    I, too, am taking some stuff back to the library today. I feel very virtuous.

  5. I think if I drove I would load up my car with books when I visit the 'brary. So I guess when I start driving I will not be allowed to drive there? As long as I live within 30-40 blocks of a library I should walk. Weather permitting, but of course.

  6. Oh, sure! you say that now -- but I can totally see you borrowing someone's station wagon to load up at the library!

  7. It could happen. We'll see. First I need to find someone with a station wagon. I would prefer one with that wood-like siding, though.

  8. OF COURSE it should have wood-panel siding! How else could you respect yourself when you drive the gang to the beach to go surfing? "sure, we'll be going to the coast in a minute, but first I have to go to the library."


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