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Thursday, January 17, 2008
according to my blogger dashboard, this is my 601st post on this blog. I think there are probably a couple of ones in draft stage that I never deleted, so it's probably not really 600, but still! I feel like I should somehow mark the occasion with a better post than this, but I am brain dead from a day at the sewing machine so it's not going to happen. sorry. here are some things I learned today:

1) I hate ironing. A lot. Especially in the early stages of a sewing project. Alas, that is when ironing makes the most difference so it must be done! I brought the ironing board out to where I was sewing so I didn't have to walk very far.

2) I am lazy.

3) I think I cut way too much fabric -- it's okay since whatever I don't use on the front I can use on the back, but still. I don't love cutting fabric either. So that's no love for ironing, no love for cutting -- is there anything in this endeavor that is worth it? Fortunately, yes.

4) I like sewing things together. I have even been contemplating actually quilting this quilt instead of just tying it, but I think that feeling may pass.

5) Busby is not as helpful as he thinks he is.

no, really. you need my advice

This doesn't quite fall into the category of a lesson learned, so I'll just say that my feet have been cold all day and it's driving me crazy.

I ended up watching neither Indiana Jones nor Jane Austen but a couple discs worth of Season 3 of the Gilmore Girls, which I had forgotten that I had from the library. I still really like that show yet acknowledge that its Capital Q Quirky is not for everyone. (I have a theory about the town of Stars Hollow, but I'll save it until I've seen more episodes.) I think 6 eps in one day might be too many. Actually, I think six in one day is just the wrong amount -- the right amount is either fewer or a lot more. Anyway -- my thoughts after today's episodes boil down to one question: were we ever supposed to like Dean? I know he's the good boy who loved Rory, etc. etc. but he's also a passive aggressive JERK. I know Jess got a lot of flack at the time, but looking back on it now he doesn't seem so bad -- especially when compared to whatshisname Logan that came later. Ugh.

Other thoughts that missed boiling down:
+why did they put Jackson in a toupee?
+Awww-- it's Dave Rygalski aka Seth Cohen aka Adam Brody!
+Why hasn't someone killed Taylor? There could be a whole town conspiracy to cover it up! It would be the best episode EVER.
+Emily Gilmore reminds me so much of my aunt it is not even funny.
+I feel bad that the character of Lane got the shaft as the series went on -- I wonder what would have happened if Dave Rygalski hadn't moved to The O.C.?
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  1. I think that I should watch the Gilmore Girls from season 1 on. I was never a faithful viewer but I generally enjoyed the show. Maybe once I get season 1 of the Wire I will put GG on my list? I did love the Emily character, but I have an aunt like that as well so my love of the character is a bit complicated. I loved the Paris character but as time goes by I just see her as the anti-Rory. Or rather the Bizarro Rory. She would ramble on and on, but she was negative and it always seemed like she was talking to herself. Rory had her mom to talk at and it was always quiry/positive/trendy/cute talk...Lane, on the other hand, was always a favorite of mine and they just sort of forgot about her as Rory got all drunk and skanky. Yes. Skanky. Logan was a sleaze that treated Rory like a skeez and she just kept going back for more. Stockholm Syndrome-lite? I don't sew or cut fabric but I do hate ironing. I love the idea of it, everything all crisp and lovely and whatever but once I start I feel like throwing the iron through the window. Really.

  2. hee hee. Yeah! The Wire and Gilmore Girls are not two shows I would think to put together, but I love them both, so there you are.

    paris totally is the kind of bizarro-rory. Everything looks different in these early seasons knowing what I know now. (skanky rory, krav maga paris, etc.)

    I love the idea of ironing too. Maybe if I were fabulously wealthy I would hire someone to do it. I know some people find ironing to be very relaxing. I find it very tedious and boring.

  3. I find the idea of ironing very relaxing but the actual action makes me angry in a very strange way. Maybe the frustration I feel is of the jailhouse variety, like I NEED to do this ironing to get an early reprieve? Not sure. Previous life perhaps? As far as The Wire and The GG's go, I wouldn't put them together either, unless I was trying to do some sort of deranged double feature, I have seen some of The Wire and like it and have all 4 seasons in way different stages of availability coming to me, hopefully by the end of 2009, from the Library. I am looking forward to getting season 1 of both and I fully intend on watching them both, not like One Tree Hill that sat around forever...


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