pinch doses of laudanum

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
I am late with today's posting because I just got back from the decemberists show. My feet hurt, but I think the loudness cured my sinus issues. Details, including contest prizes, brown gravy, sold out concerts, the problem with pirates and my extensive psychoanalytic theories on a certain Made of Ham lead singer to follow shortly.
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  1. Venue? Dr. Scholl's. Zicam for sinus issues---for real. I am looking forward to answers to the others: roller derby tickets perhaps, brown, as opposed to another colored gravy, which show was sold out .I have my own issues with pirates. My nephew seems to think that each one of them is a "bad guy". Unsure why. Now, is Made of Ham an actual group or a nickname of a group, such as perhaps, The Doors? Or maybe Elvis? I know Elvis wasn't technically a group, but you know. It's still early for me and I haven't been sleeping well. Or I should say long. I still deeply for about 4 solid hours. Which works for Martha Stewart. But as people on the street remind me quite often, "You,sir, are no Martha Stewart".

  2. I still deeply? Maybe I will begin to call sleeping "stilling"? No idea where that typo came from. The brain is a magical thing.

  3. I still deeply too, if that makes you feel any better.
    Venue -- the crystal!
    Dr. Shcoll's -- if only I'd thought of it. What makes it worst of all is that right before I left I thought "I should change my shoes" but I was LAZY and paid for it.

    I'm sorry the Martha Stewart Sleep Plan is not working for you, but I am laughing at the idea of "you, sir, are no Martha Stewart."

  4. I love the Crystal Ballroom as a venue. So open and fun. But it can get sweaty.


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