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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I have a good feeling about this year. Last year was a hard one -- I started it off sick and sad with an overall rating of Miserable But Trying to Be Cheerful (wretched!), but by late July or August things started being less of a struggle and more of a pleasure. The best part is that things seem to be trending in an Even More Awesome direction. Woo hoo!

I was planning a (brief) recap of the year and a (brief) list of what I want to do in 2008 (I am very excited), but the end of the year brought unexpected out of town company and every single thing I thought I would have done by today (including my ever-present nemesis, LAUNDRY) is sitting around undone or in sad heaps on the floor, so I'm going to take care of that and then come back to my Deep Thoughts. (There is BAGPIPE SHEET MUSIC involved!)

In other news, Martina is masterminding Powellhurst's Second Annual Blogstravaganza, in which she will post once a day for the month of January. This sounds like fun and I keep thinking maybe I'll try it too.

More later. More with BAGPIPE SHEET MUSIC later.
9 comments on "eights are great!"
  1. So, soon after your birthday you started to feel better? Very interesting. Birthdays usually do the opposite for moi. I am glad you are so cheery in regards to the new year. I think that it is a very good place to start...

  2. I totally think you SHOULD join me. It is fun AND it will allow me to become an ever present thorn in your side as I pester you about when you're going to post your next post. I'm telling you, it will be AWESOME!

    ION, I am glad you're feeling better. Being a little ahead of you in the miserable to cheerful continuum (only due to time - I am no cheer savant!), I can tell you that it will keep getting better until you wonder what you were so miserable about to begin with.

  3. bbd - hmmm, I don't think it was really birthday related, but maybe it was! (actually, I think that's when things started inching forward with the library job, which helped my outlook SO MUCH.)

    martina -- ever present thorn in my side? who could say no to that??

    ION, I'm glad to hear the good news re: persistent misery!

  4. Maybe as we get older, birthdays bring happiness that doesn't come wrapped up with a bow? I guess only time will tell. I love seeing you at the library. It just looks so natural. And I am not saying that you look crazy like the other people there. It is all the books.

  5. I had to giggle at BBD's line about your not looking crazy like the other people at the library. Now does he mean the other lib. users, or the other workers or the people who just hang out there because it is a warm public place? I have yet to see you at any library but I really look forward to it. (And I am sure you won't look half as crazy as moi, with my 4 cards and two satchels.)

  6. Since the internet is the opposite of private I will just say that the employees where I saw JW tend to seem/look as...kooky? as the patrons. If not more so. Two in particular. But I am sure they are very lovely people. When medicated.

  7. Aw, thanks BBD. You gave me huge laugh--which may be my first of the New Year. I think I must be very lucky with my Belmont Library--the employees there all seem sane--though a couple seemed a tad depressed, during the holidays. There are several there regularly (they sure change a lot!) who are quite upbeat. My bi-weekly trips there give me a lift, usually.

  8. Sometimes I am amazed that the two people I am thinking of are even literate, in the most basic way possible. They always seem a bit confused. I have to remind myself that for some people it is just a job and that perhaps they don't love the fact that they are surrounded by limitless information of all sorts. That is depressing. They are friendly folk, just not people people, which I am not usually as well, but I always think of the library as the perfect place to be anti-social while surrounded by people.

  9. OH MY GOD! I must know who these two people are immediately! and bbd, I totally agree about the library being the perfect place to be anti-social and surrounded by people. It's perfect for people-liking introverts like myself.


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