what exactly is blowing in the wind?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
peggy lane

It is so windy outside right now, this very minute (12:03 am as I type this) -- the wind chimes are going bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s), the trees are doing that thing they do when it sounds like maybe they are going to blow over, or snap in half, or at the very least have an arboreal hysterical fit thrashing their leaves and limbs, spitting bark and pine cones all over the street. I imagine it's somewhat more irritating to the squirrels who live in the trees so I should probably just ZIP IT or else get a chattering lecture in the park tomorrow, subject of: 'what do you have to complain about' which is already on my mind, so YOU zip it squirrels, you get me? I don't want to hear it. (fortunately squirrels can't type OR read and really they don't even have the internet despite the half-hearted efforts of metrofi, so I needn't worry about them be leaving me any sassy comments.)

I have had an oddly off-kilter day. I am bummed that Edwards dropped out of the presidential race. He was my guy. I'll vote for Clinton or Obama, but neither one of them really thrill me. I dislike the increasingly dynastic nature of presidential politics. Bush 1 (vp 2x, pres 1), Clinton XY (pres 2x), Bush 2 (pres 2x) and then Clinton XX? I could live with it, but I can't promise I wouldn't have irrational tea-party thoughts. What would be harder to live with is her reluctance to admit mistakes (Iraq comes to mind) -- I know that part of it is not wanting to be seen as a "weak woman," but after 8 years with a president who never admits to a mistake, it's not a trait I embrace. Obama has lots of charisma, but not much experience. He and Hillary do not sound very different on many issues, except he's more charming. (Obama:" blah blah blah, what you want to hear, blah blah blah." Clinton: "blah blah blah, what I think you want to hear, blah blah blah.) Edwards was the most viable populist candidate, and I felt like he cared about more than just winning. He wanted to be president not just to be president, but to fix this effing mess we're in. Anyway. I'm sorry he quit.

As for the rest of my off-kilter day -- nothing major, nothing overtly bad, just like someone closed a screen door on the great day I should have had -- I could see it, but it was slightly obscured by lint and dead bugs. So irritating! Especially since I know it's mostly a matter of attitude rather than situation. Wah wah wah. But tomorrow will be better, I can totally tell! for one, I do think I'm going to get my quilt done. I tried to get it all pinned tonight (backing, batting, top) but it was hard to lay it out straight when I had two feline assistants who thought that I was down on the ground to judge their lucha libre style wrestling match, which HAD TO occur right where I was working. Another reason tomorrow will be better: craft night! I hope to sit around and gossip with friends while sewing on binding -- a great way to end the first month of the year!
3 comments on "what exactly is blowing in the wind?"
  1. Kucinich was the one that I liked. I know he never had a chance, just based on his appearance, but he was honest, intelligent and knew what this country needed. John Edwards was my second pick for many reasons, not all on the up and up, as it were, but still. The more I read about Clinton the more I remember what a true bastard her husband is/was. No one died when Clinton lied? Hello? Does no one remember bombing Iraq right around the time of the Senate hearings on Impeachment? Wag The Dog was not spoofing the Reagan or Bush years! What about Wal-Mart? The Waltons sleeping over in the White House? Ugh. Then Senator Obama...I like him. But he feels too new to me. That Caroline Kennedy endorsed him does make a difference to me somehow. I am a sucker for anyone attached to Jackie.
    As far as the wind? Last night it was awful. I thought someone was trying to break into the kitchen.

  2. Kucinich was my favorite, too. I would have voted for him in the primary if we had a timely primary in this state. I thought he was laser-smart but also flexible in his thinking, which is so rare in politics! But since we don't have a timely primary and he's dropped out already, Edwards (who admittedly is more electable because people don't think he's a weird little leprechaun) was my choice. I would love to see kucinich in a cabinet level position in the edwards white house, but that's not going to happen now, I suppose.

    I am pretty tired of the "no one died when clinton lied" stuff, too. I liked him for the most part and thought he had tremendous personal charisma, but he made his own problems (not insignificant) worse! I think that his entire presidency was bogged down by the right wing witch hunt (they were out for blood from the beginning), but that's no excuse for lying under oath, not to mention a lot of other weasel tactics! Don't ask don't tell? don't get me started! Some responsibility, please! (I think GWB is the worst president ever, but that doesn't make bad behavior from someone else okay. It's all so kindergarten -- "he started it" BAH!)

    I like Obama, but he's just so green. and honestly, he's sometimes a weasel! (I'm thinking of tricky senate votes that he was conveniently not there for so his political foes couldn't use a controversial vote against him). but I suppose it's difficult to get experience AND the level of rah rah yay america we need to get out of this godforsaken hole GWB dug for us. (and that we are all complicit in since we let it happen!) Anyway, with no Edwards I'm leaning to Obama, because like I said I'm not fond of a hundred years of Bush Clinton Bush Clinton.

  3. Politicians are so sleazy and I agree that GWB is the worst in history, and I am hoping that I don't have to change that opinion in my life. I hate that we are now back to "anyone is better than Bush". I guess I still had, dare I say, hope? Now, who knows? Another democratic debate is tonight but I have the nephew until 7pm and then my on line Jeopardy test at 8pm. And just for the record, I voted for Clinton because he talked about Tibet and Haiti, and those were two places of importance to me. Did he do anything about them? How could he. The Chinese Government would not have been happy with him and Haiti? Don't get me started. I hate politics. I love politics in theory but they get so ugly and childish. Some time-outs are in order methinks.


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