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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
change is good!

I bought this little coin purse to give as a gift, but it makes me laugh and laugh every single time I look at it so I decided to keep it. I think it’s the coinbeast's gustatory delight in change: I shall feast upon thy coins, INDEED. ) I mention this here because it seems in keeping with the first of my Super Sexy New Year’s Resolutions.

I used to think I didn't like new year's resolutions -- making them seemed like one more road paved with good intentions and we all know where those lead. For the past few years I've eschewed traditional resolutions in favor of more general mood or behavior directives. (2006's Say Yes and 2007's Be More Generous.) This worked, but I've decided that there is room for the broad theme AND the specific resolution. I still don't like vague and unhelpful resolutions and I hate HATE HATE how resolutions are used like a cudgel to beat the resolved in gym membership advertising... on the other hand, I really like making lists.

That being said, let me get to the first of my SSNYR: Zero Debt! I'm really close, but my bout of uninsured hospitalization at the end of 2006 was a setback -- the bulk of my bill was excused, but there was still quite a bit to pay. (for comparison purposes, 2007's visit to the emergency room for a similar but not as nearly as bad issue still cost me $500, even though it was less than 10 minutes with a doctor who didn't do anything beyond look at my face with his eyeballs and write me a prescription for a very cheap antibiotic.) ANYWAY. I am giving myself until the 15th of january to do a tiny bit of celebratory shopping (for things like CLOTHES and SHOES which I actually do need to have) and then I'm going into serious pay-down mode. It shouldn't take me too long to get things back under control, and as a friend said "no debt feels like sticking it to THE MAN" which it totally does! I'm not quite to the point where I want to keep cash in socks stashed around the house rather than using a bank, but if they piss me off one more time I will make a resolution to learn to knit Pushing Daisies style money cozies. hee hee.

upon thy coins
8 comments on "change is good"
  1. Great resolve. That funny coin purse should help! And you are already ahead of the game, thanks to all your effort in 2007--Yay!

    I have made 3 secret resolutions: 1) to take better care of myself; 2) to seriously look for a better job (see resolve 1) and 3) to tackle and finish the projects that I carried over from 2007.

    (Hmm. Wonder if I can guess what you will say to that last one?)

  2. Be less judgemental. Be more friendly and less eye-rolly towards strangers. Money. Be less afraid. Quit smoking for real. Be patient. Don't be so suspicious/paranoid. Those are mine. Very standard. I guess working on what I eat is on the list but that is a process that will probably always be on an annual or monthly, or even weekly, list.

  3. Patty -- your secrets are secret no more! mwahahahaha! I think those are great, although (since you clearly asked) I think you need a real specific list to deal with #1 (how, exactly, do you plan to take better care of yourself?) and OF COURSE I think for #3 you have to really vet the stuff left over from the previous year. reassess. sometimes it's okay to let things go.

    BBD -- those all sound fabulous -- it's all stuff I need to work on too (except smoking) -- They're not standard, they're classics! the hardest ones for me are being afraid and being suspicious. I think they're very close to the same thing.

  4. I am glad that my resolutions have been upgraded to classics! It makes me feel less standard? I don't know. This resolution thing is bizarre. I went to buy nicotine gum or whatever on Saturday last and it was all gone! It reminded me that EVERYONE is jumping on the Resolution Express and that annoys me, but I will not let the fact that these pursuits are painfully common derail me from meeting my goal. Cheers! I will also not use exclamation points so willy nilly in the new year. Starting "soon"!!!

  5. you can have my exclamation points when you pry them from my cold dead hands!!!! (I will take all the ones you discard and add them to my stockpile.)

    I'm sorry if I sounded condescending with the classics. It wasn't my intention! I just meant that they were things a lot of people (including me) struggle with. I know it sounds like a ridiculous cliche, but realizing something's a problem is a big step to overcoming it. (I HOPE, since this is a belief I cling to when it seems like I am making zero progress.)

  6. You did not!!! seem condescending at all. I might've sounded snippy, but that was my bad!!!, really. I liked that my rezzes were classic and not standard. That sounds so much better, almost refined.

  7. Hmmmm...Little coin purse you bought to give as a gift? "Forgotten" Christmas gift. If I were the suspicious type...

    A post on January 1 followed by on on January 2 and January 3 is not over yet. Does this mean I get to be a thorn?

  8. ha ha! dude, this isn't even the present I was talking about!! The other one is cooler (although less hilarious) and I still intend to give it to you, but you may have to come and get it. (I will wrap it, though!)

    thornage: maybe.


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