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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Once again I failed to do the thing I thought I was going to do, but I'm doing something else instead, so I guess that's okay. This isn't exactly what I had in mind with my enthusiastic failures theory, but you know, the year is still young! I plan to fail much more spectacularly before it's all said and done.

cloud break

The moon is allegedly HUGELY FULL tonight, looking bigger than ever due to being closer than ever. Rather than observe this phenomenon myself, I had to hear it from some cheesy weekend weatherman because it's too cloudy for a moon tonight here in Portland. Hence the cloud pictures, although these are from all over the year and all over the place, not just what's blocking my view of the moon tonight.

late-summer sky
Hmmm. I could use this space between the pictures to update posts that have gone before. 1) I had a garden variety good day today, which was so nice! 2) got all the glue thrown away that needed to be thrown away, but unfortunately it now looks like a volcano erupted on the shelf where I keep old notebooks. 3) the quilt binding remains stitched on! huzzah! 4) I got back to work on the babette blanket and made a lot of the two round squares which should be fun but I find them tedious for some reason. The four round ones are my favorite, probably because there's more room to play with the color. 5) I have yet to start on my bag, but tomorrow is another day.

at the fair

Here be dragons!
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