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Friday, January 02, 2009
The most amazing thing happened late last night.

But first you should know that yesterday, new year's day, was the rainiest day (I resisted the urge to write "the rainiest day" in all caps) we've had in ages. The news was full of swollen, flooding rivers, how to recognize if you're eligible for a landslide and other helpful information. Probably a reporter standing in the street up to his ankles in rushing water. (I think they miss Arctic Blast 08.)

Okay, to be honest this thing was probably not the most amazing thing, or even in the top five of amazing things, but it was pretty wonderful nonetheless.

I was sitting at my desk reading or typing and listening to the great torrent of the water that was overflowing from the gutters hitting the ground, until suddenly I realized that I couldn't hear it anymore. I looked out my window to see HUGE QUIET snowflakes falling from the sky. It snowed all night and by this morning everything was covered in white and the sky was that weird bright snow sky morning color. It was perfect snow in that it was beautiful, but not sticky enough to cause trouble. We did have sleet and hail and rain and snow off an on during the day (is this your wintery mix, O Meteorologist?), but by the time the sun was going down (4:30 ish) the sky was not only clearing up, but doing so while showing a million unusually lovely colors, some of which I always thought were made up by painters of sunsets.

It's raining again now, but those little windows of variety help leaven the gloom considerably.
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