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Friday, January 23, 2009
at the state fair

reading: Moby Dick, which is a lot funnier than I would have ever suspected.

recently watched DVD: Be Kind, Rewind -- v. charming! I thought it celebrated human joy in telling stories in a very appealing (to me, anyway) way. Now I want one of those flip cameras more than ever... (I am an excellent tinfoil costumer.)

TV: LOST -- OMG! does anyone watch this anymore? I loved it! the story had spun pretty far out by the end of last season (which I also enjoyed), but they're beginning to reel it all in.

that is the report for tonight! I have lots of thoughts on this and that, but they will have to wait.
7 comments on "currently, briefly"
  1. I have not seen Lost in at least a year, but I keep up on it through the internets, and I think once it concludes next year I will watch the whole thing on the dvd's. I like that process. It worked for THE OC and season 1 of Weeds. Oh, and season 1 of Big Love, which was a snoozefest. I am waiting to start the process soon with The Wire! The Wire!

  2. OMG! I am repelled yet drawn into Big Love. I just got season 2 from the library. I think I'm trying to figure out why anyone, let alone three anyones, would want to be married to Bill! he's so boring and he never listens to anyone.

    (The Wire is AWESOME! I think you should also get yourself on the list for Mad Men if you're not watching it. Good stuff!)

  3. I like the actors on Big Love a lot, but it is just so...weird, I guess? Maybe I am a total square? I will watch Mad Men once the hoopla dies off, like in 3 years?

  4. I don't think having an indifferent response to Big Love means you're square!

    (after much consideration, I've decided that Nicki is my favorite.)

  5. Nicki? I definitely think she is the scariest, and the most "crafty", and not in an arts and crafts sort of way. I think all the "wives" are played to perfection and I get why that lump would want to be married to each of them, but still. Why him?

  6. exactly!! Why Bill? Although I suppose compared to any of the guys on the compound, he's a prize.

    Nicki -- YES! At first I was all about feeling bad for Barb, and then I felt for poor Margie, while Nicki was sort of the thorn in everyone's side -- but she's the most interesting. She is a conniving operator, but also a true believer and fiercely loyal to her family. I dunno. I think she's got the most going on.

  7. I agree about Nicki, totally. At first I thought she was just hardcore rock nasty in so many ways but then, somehow, I just felt like I got her. She somehow makes the most sense. Which is a bit frightening.


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