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Saturday, January 31, 2009
rose hip

This is what they look like in the wintertime! (although some of them turn red.) So, this is what this one looked like in the wintertime, several years ago. (sneaky last minute new year's pledge: I want to do more garden things this year!)

It's the end of January and therefore the end of the post-a-day EXPERIENCE. It was so different for me this year than last. I remembered it as more footloose and fancy free, but felt mostly frustrated by various constraints this time around. Is it because it's objectively TRUE (doubtful, thinking back to my journal entries from January 07), or because selective memory can be a dangerous thing?

(I read something interesting today in one of those Oprah/The Secret/ Shake 29.95 Out of Your Pocket affiliated books as I was processing a hold. I opened it to the page that said "your thoughts are not always right" (or "true" I can't remember now.) Anyway, this woman's point was that in order to get to the Whatever Fabulous Self Help on the cover, you had to realize that just because you think some nutty thing, it doesn't make it true. And I thought, "crazy shakedown self help lady, you are RIGHT. At least about this.")

ANYWAY: big respect to people who post every day all the time! It's not easy.

I have more to say (always), but I have to be to work super early tomorrow, so I'm going to sleep instead. I was so tired today I forgot to send in my timesheet. Sleep = dollars!

See you in February!
2 comments on "rose hip january"
  1. Good for you for sticking with it! Mine did not go nearly as well. It just didn't turn out to be a good month for it. Maybe I'll try it again in March or something to welcome in a new decade.

  2. Yeah... I think if I do it again (and I might!) I will rearrange things a little bit to give myself some focus.

    Anyway, thanks again for suggesting it! it was good for me, even if it sometimes drove me crazy.


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