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Saturday, January 17, 2009
beach day (perfect)

I am SO TIRED. (I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately.) However, I have a really good reason for being tired today -- I went to the beach for probably the most perfectly wonderful weather/view/dogs having fun/yes, that was a horse ratio in ages. More tomorrow. Picture above looking north just before sunset, picture below... MYSTERIOUS PANCAKE SMELL to be explained later!

I smell pancakes!
3 comments on "roadtrip"
  1. Nancy Drew and I can't solve the Mystery of the Coastal Pancakes without a clue!

  2. hee hee. I totally want to read the Mystery of the Coastal Pancakes now!

    I feel certain that smuggling of some sort would be involved! Smugglers disguised as nice ladies doing a Church Pancake Breakfast kind of thing.

  3. Of course it will turn out that they are smuggling prescription drugs or knitting needles or something, not anything crazy like I saw on Law & Order once. Those old ladies were selling panties!!! Over the internet!!!


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