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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
yes to wednesday!

Today was pretty good, which makes me happy. I knew it was good for real and not just that fake fleeting good when I had a great idea in the shower. Of course I couldn't even take the time to write down this great idea because I was running LATE (why couldn't I have had this great idea right when I woke up?) and the location I was working at today is way the hell across town and I always think it will only take me 15 minutes to get anywhere, which is only true of like, 3 places. BUT I still had this great idea and even though I was 5 minutes late nobody cared or even really seemed to notice. (and I remember enough of my Great Idea, which may soon be downgraded to Interesting Notion, that I'm going to write it down when I finish this post.)

I issued a bunch of new library cards today, which was another mark in the good column. I still love doing new card registrations! A lot of people get a card so they can use the internet. I totally understand this; I think it's a vital service to provide to the community (email, job searching, etc.), but I still get an extra happy thrill when someone who has just signed up for a card actually uses it to check out books! Card registrations are up -- I think it's just the tip of the iceberg in this economy. It makes me really happy in a Healthy Society way (not just a job security way) that people are making use of existing resources like the library. You've already paid for it with your tax dollars! It's a great system -- one of the best! Use it! Use it a lot!
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