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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Today I worked at one of my upper-middle-tier favorite branches. (I should make a chart.) I was checking in holds (so many holds! it was really busy) and saw a familiar name. Hmmm, is this Familiar Name the same Familiar Name that I know but haven't seen in several years? I wondered. It's a common enough, but not that common name. (...cut interminable details to get to the point...) It was! I was only on the desk for 2 hours, but he happened to come in right as we were changing over for my second hour. (the idea is not to be stuck working the desk more than an hour in a row). He recognized me before I realized it was him. So funny! But extra funny to me, because stuff like that kept happening all day long -- except mostly with books and ideas rather than holds and people. (example: thinking of some problem or query or ISSUE, then a book or movie with the exact topic or name or ANSWER would pop up in the book drop or in a patron's hand. Disorienting! Yet kind of fun -- like an out of the sphere magic 8 ball.)

In other news, something today made me think of this quote/video from Flight of the Conchords. Bret was accused of never dancing, and his reply was: "I dance all the time. I dance at parties, I dance...when I'm angry."

I'm afraid Bret's Angry Dance makes me laugh a lot. Maybe it's his skinny arms punching the sky, maybe it's because he ends up in a warehouse with a bunch of unidentifiable equipment and a saxophone player, or maybe it's just time to watch Footloose again. In any case, it makes me laugh which I always appreciate.

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