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Monday, January 19, 2009
new beginning

I'm sick, which is totally bumming me out. It's not even the "oh, nyquil, god bless you" sick or headache sick, but can't keep anything down sick. My least favorite kind! I blame GWB.

It's stressing me out because who likes to be sick, but also because I am scheduled to work all day tomorrow. Since libraries were closed today for MLK day, I couldn't call and tell anyone I won't be there. Argh! It's almost certainly no big deal, I'm sure it will work out, but it's on my mind nonetheless. I just don't think I'm going to be able to work until 8pm tomorrow fueled by the one piece of toast I have managed to eat successfully today.

On the upside, this means I can watch Inauguration stuff to my heart's content! Woo! And maybe stand up long enough to get into the shower. That would be good.
3 comments on "modest goals"
  1. Oh my dear! Feel better!!!

    As appropriate as physical purging is as a metaphor for getting Bush out of the White House, I wish you weren't having to enact it yourself!

  2. I do not envy the sick but I envy the time to watch all the HOOPLA unfold which is what I wish I was doing. However, all I can really say about today is that I am glad GWB is out of the house. Which is not a small thing.

  3. Thank you both! I feel 90% better, and hope by the time I wake up tomorrow it will be 100%.

    I spent a lot of time watching the HOOPLA unfold, and am also so glad GWB (and that Bond Villain Cheney) is out of the house!


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