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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oh, Mad Men -- when will you be back?! I miss me some creepy Pete, some angry Betty, resigned but hopefully soon to be furious (yet always fabulous) Joan*, in denial AND command (just like Don) Peggy... you get the picture. I miss them all! Visiting the fantastic flickr Mad Men Illustrated set by Dyna Moe helps. Ossining Calling is one of my favorites.

I love this illustration! There were a bunch of these flow chart song things when flow chart madness ruled the land, but this was always one of my favorites -- mostly for its simplicity, but also because I love the song. (I'm listening to it right now!) To see more song flow charts, visit JC Niemeyer's song chart flickr set. To see even more (of various qualities), visit the Song Chart pool.

*I doubt we'll see a fully empowered running the television department Joan, even though she's obviously got the right stuff. It would be the easy feel-good thing for them to do, but it would be a cheat.
3 comments on "the clash! the clash! the clash!"
  1. I have never seen Mad Men. I have also never seen The Wire. I know. I should get on board already!

  2. YOU SHOULD! I think there's not even that much of a wait for season one of the Wire. (you should definitely do it in order.)

  3. I believe I can get them as well for free from Hollywood video, so that is an option. I should have thought of that while snowed in. Maybe I will next time? As it is I have 2 seasons of Golden Girls that I just picked up from the library today. Brain candy is definitely needed.


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