alien virus abates

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Thursday, January 22, 2009
columbine bud

WOOOOO! I have been returned from the undisclosed location testing facility where my guts had been poked and twisted and purged by what I can only assume was a team of sadistic Last Administration government scientists* working at the behest of Our Alien Overlords. Or, you know, today was the first day that I could EAT AGAIN for real since contracting that stupid stomach virus or whatever it was. Of course I had to eat a little bit on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I got carried away Tuesday night which led to a whole uneasy Wednesday where I could only eat things I couldn't smell. ANYWAY. All of this is by way of saying I feel much more like myself again. In fact, I feel more like myself than I did for two weeks before I got the virus, which maybe lends credence to the aliens thing. (I said maybe!)

*it all makes sense! I was violently sick (will spare the slumped and sweaty on the cold bathroom tile details) on Monday -- the day BEFORE our peaceful governmental transfer of power. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I am looking at it with squinty eyes.

** the columbine picture is entirely unrelated. Mostly unrelated. They aren't blooming right now, I didn't have visions or hallucinations of columbines, but I DO think that they sort of look like alien helmets from certain angles at certain times. As things do.
5 comments on "alien virus abates"
  1. I am glad you are feeling better. I am not a "good" sick sort of person. Some people are sweet and gentle and all of that. That is most definitely not me.

  2. So are you angry sick, or just very demanding? Or some other form of "not good"? I think I'm good sick for the first little bit, but once I feel well enough to get bored, it's tiresome for everyone I encounter.

  3. I am quiet at first, and since I dislike being sick I act is if I feel BETTER THAN EVER, like running around as if a chicken without a head. But, once I admit my illness to myself I am just withdrawn and annoyed and sleepy. But, like you, once I start feeling like I am on the edge of health I am a beast! Not that you are a beast, just that I am a beast and it usually happens when I am rebounding due to: not leaving the house, sick of tv, sick of what I am reading, sick of the people that keep being so nice to me. You know. The usual stuff.

  4. I think beast is the perfect way to describe it. That's how I feel at that stage too, for sure.

  5. And beast sounds so dramatic! And refined! When people use the word in movies it usually refers to cutting in line at the supermarket or something teensy. I like that when I use it that it does not mean that at all, but let people think what they will.


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