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Sunday, January 18, 2009
Time for road trip details! First up -- travelers: this was another me, mom and bec (my sister) joint production. What can I tell you? They are top quality road trip companions who let me pick the music.

out the window
Out the window (actually through the window, I think) photo of the SECRET SHORTCUT to Lincoln City. I can say no more unless you agree to perform the ritual.

timber machinery
There is a lot of logging that goes on in and around the coast range. Almost everyone whose ever done any exploring in these parts has gotten stuck on a timber road at some point. (But I thought it went through!) (this wasn't on a timber road, though -- it was right on 18.)

willamina machine
There was some kind of lane closure on the regular road. Since the weather was exceedingly fine, half of the portland metro area was on its way to the beach -- there was a lot of backed up traffic. A state map indicated that we could take a shortcut (not actually shorter!) that went another way we'd never gone before. Due to this rerouting, we went through the town of Willamina (Timbertown USA, 2003!). We had a discussion about whether or not it was pronounced Will-a-meena or Will-uh-minah. I preferred the second because it put me in mind of crazy fake southern (southerun) accents, big floppy hats, spanish moss, men named Beauregard, and drinking gin from a jelly jar when no one is looking. Somehow it became an old south Timbertown in my head. (These things happen.) Eventually, the gazetteer was consulted, which revealed that the "shortcut" was actually 53 miles long and twisted like a mofo, so we decided to take our chances with the lane closure. We bid Willimina a fond farewell (I would like to go back someday), and I thought kindly thoughts toward it in a Scarlet O'Hara accent.

We returned to the main road and it was actually moving right along.

By the time we made it to Lincoln City, we had to eat Or Else. We decided to go to the 60s Cafe -- it was after 2pm, yet it was as full as I've ever seen it. We waited a long time. A desperately thinking about eating ketchup long time. The food eventually came, and yea verily, it was good. I took pictures while we waited, including this one of the fully stocked condiment caddy.

elvis head-on
The Elvis Bathroom!! His eyes are everywhere. It is freaky and hilarious all at once. They did some remodeling, but I was very pleased to see they had sense enough to leave Elvis where he belongs: pervertedly watching people pee in his fluorescent temple.

Lots of jellyfish and other gelatinous mysteries washed up on shore. One guy had a big jellyfish on the end of a stick and was waving at his son, saying it was a monster and he was going to sell it on ebay for a lot of money. (What won't people try in this economy??)

There were a lot of people at the beach, but it was such a wonderful day it was a pleasure to share it with them. I know that sounds corny, but it was totally true! People were having a really great time (it was sunny, not too windy, JANUARY) flying kites, hanging out, building fires -- which made me have a great time, which maybe made someone else have a great time. Some things are contagious. (thankfully, not the urge to pick up jellyfish on sticks.)

one small part of a larger dance
I saw these girls from far away and thought they all had pink rain boots on. Nope! their legs were all so cold they turned pink! You can't really tell from this picture, but they had this whole complicated Ode To Ocean dance that ended up with one or three of them being completely soaked. They just kind of went with it, though, like any good interpretive dancer will do.

delighted dog
I love this picture! It was kind of a mistake -- when I have my camera on "intelligent auto" it does some weird stuff, including go to macro mode if I have the zoom all the way extended. Between that and shooting directly into the sun, I got this blown out photo. But I really like it -- it's like a dream of a dog at the beach, or an old photo from an album. It was a happy accident for sure. It's no longer of that particular dog (who was having a spectacularly wonderful time running in and out of the surf), but sort of an everydog picture.

coastal waves
The light was so pretty!

sand castle
sandcastle with moat. It was somewhere around this time that the guys on horseback came charging along. It was just like an old timey commercial for ladies deodorant. HILARIOUS, but also awesome.

beach walk
This was my favorite sunset silhouette picture. The girl was only about 14 and was clearly having a nice bout of Alone Time. (note the hood pulled up.)

The sun goes down like it does every day. It will be back tomorrow.
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  1. I love the Oregon coast so much! I would love to go someday with the Winn Women.

  2. Yay! We should totally do it.

    (but I still get to pick the music.)


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